The Player' Premiere Da Zhao's Partner Xu Zheng (actor) Performs Dual Spy

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The film " The Player " was produced by Hairun Film, True Music, Aggregate Films, Imaging Age, Shengji Film, Shengwan Film, Millet Film, produced by Xu Zheng (actor) and starring, directed by Pengyuan Ren. Likun Wang , Da Zhao and others co-starred in the story of Zhong Xiaonian , who has hundreds of millions of assets, in the life-and-death crisis of self-salvation and growth.

Yesterday (April 25th), the movie “The Player” was held in Beijing. The director Pengyuan Ren took the lead Xu Zheng (actor), Yanhui Wang , Da Zhao and others to attend the event and talked about the footage. At the time, several players played each other and played each other. When asked about the feeling of chasing the car with Yanhui Wang, Da Zhao said that “because Ms. Wang was very powerful, she was very powerful,” and the audience laughed and the atmosphere was immediately activated. On-site Da Zhao also shared different experiences in filming movies and television shows. When the film was shot, it was more focused and more extreme, so it was even more challenging.

Actress Da Zhao Zhu Nan, an old school student who plays Xu Zheng (actor) in this movie, is also a commercial spy placed by Xu Zheng (actor) on his opponent's side. The plots involved in the drama are endless, and he will despair before his death. The performance was lively and exciting, so that netizens and audiences breathed in cold air for him. Not only that, he and Xu Zheng (actor) also have some disputes about the past, adding color to the film.

Who is behind the scenes of the murder, Da Zhao's role is exactly what is evil, let us see the cinema on April 28th.

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