Wang bowen supports happy smile run and advocates healthy life

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Star connection September 10The second "HAPPY SMILE RUN· Shanghai station" started in Shanghai century park on September 8. Popular singers and actors Wang Bowen As a brand experience officer is also present at the scene.

Wang Bowen's white sports suit is clean and sunny, which perfectly matches the sports theme of "HAPPY SMILE RUN".Wang Bowenis full of energy and enthusiasm, leading all the way forward, youthful flying. This is Wang Bowen's persistent attitude towards life.Wang Bowenhopes to bring a better lifestyle to more people, learn to release pressure, feel relaxed and happy, and live a healthy life while warming everyone around him.

The hot weather has passed and the weather is getting cold. After the activity,Wang Bowenkindly reminded fans to pay attention to the weather changes, keep an eye on oral health and smile with peers.

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