Ruby lin, who was his gossip girl girlfriend for 30 years, is still a very young man at the age of 45.

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Ruby Lin, A former gossip girl, he is 45 and still single after 30 years of dating

Recently, the second season of Chinese restaurant premiered on the whole network of mango TV. Zhao Wei , Shu Qi , Alec Su , Karry Wang , Pax Congo Make a proud Chinese flavor in a foreign country. This time, we have" My Fair Princess The two main stars of "little swallow" and "five elder brothers" remind many people of their childhood. It was no doubt a hit with fans, and was reportedly Alec Su's first variety show. The show featured Alec Su's "another day of energy" and "impersonation. Xiaoming Huang With Zhao Wei's photos as the treasure of the town store ", "mingling with Karry Wang, Pax Congo", she is just like a child, and with her face in the prosperous times, she attracts countless fans.

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Alec Su, born in Taipei, Taiwan, is a singer, actor, producer and director.

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In 1988, the "little tiger team" was founded byAlec Suand Julian Chen, , Nicky Wu, Composition.Alec Sumade his debut as the youngest member of the small tigers and went viral. Since the combination of the tiger team, a debut due to the youthful appearance of the sun and honest inspiring songs quickly become popular all over Asia. They also became the most popular group in the Asian pop band music music in the 1980s and mid-1990s, known as the "ancestor of Chinese idol groups". Julian Chen's military service led to the release of three albums, "LAmore," "Goodbye" and "forever the little tigers," which were released in a sea of sighs and detentions. Then there are the suits, andNicky Wu,is in the military again and has to be disbanded again. In the end, people go their separate ways. In 2002,Alec Subecame the first Taiwanese singer to sing at the Great Wall in juyongguan.

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In 1998, he became an actor for the five brothers in My Fair Princess. Later, he shot to fame with his career in the "My Fair Princess" series. "My Fair Princess" has been a must-see TV show every summer holiday for 20 years. Alec Su's life is like an open book. In addition, he also starred in "Yitiantulongji", "Yang men tiger", "KissMeKate" and other TV series won the same period audience.

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Alec Su is said to be the successor to Kenny Bee Fei Xiang Later, the third artist who changed from singer to actor in "Chiung Yao drama" broke through the limitations of the original idol singer and officially entered the film circle as a "newcomer".Alec Sumade great efforts to change his screen image in the film circle. After joining huayi brothers, he focused his career on the mainland and developed a familiar male line. He was a responsible and safe man in front of fans and fans. In 2008, he moved to the film industry and won many awards. For example, he won the best supporting actor award at the 30th annual popular film awards for TheMessage , won the best actor award at the second macau international film festival for "XinKangDingQingGe". Later, he also won the 13th golden phoenix prize jury prize of Chinese academy of film performing arts and so on.

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In 2014,Alec Sucrossed the border to be a director. Directed the film TheLeftEar "Nominated for the golden horse award in Taiwan. He also won the most popular director award at the 23rd Beijing university student film festival. It was followed by Alec Su's second directorial effort, the dedication of suspect x. The lead actorRuby Lin,also won the best actress award in China at the 23rd huading awards.

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Alec Su has had a good career but a low profile emotionally. Men and women in the entertainment industry are the most popular, except Quan Ren Li Bingbing AndAlec SuRuby Lin.Alec Suand Ruby Lin, both Taiwanese actors, met while working together on My Fair Princess.Ruby Lin,and Jimmy Lin, At the same time. Later, with more and more cooperation between the two, they gradually got to know each other and became closer and closer. They have known each other for more than 20 years. They also regularly show their intimate photos to the public, withRuby Lin,becoming Alec Su's gossip girl friend calling for them to be together.Alec Sualso said that ifRuby Lin,is not married at 40, if I am not married, we will be together. However, whenRuby Lin,was 40 years old, she did get married to an old cadre Wallace re-arrest -- . The ending of the cp pair has left many Internet users disappointed. Now thatRuby Lin,has become a hot mom,Alec Suis left alone. The net friend true heart ache and shout words: quick seek a girl friend!

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