The rise of phoenixes' tears down liu min tao' mariposa negra 'on forbidden love

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Star connection September 13three-screen Liu Min Tao It's been happening a lot lately, with" madhouse " Hong Huifang The truth of a missing person drama by master "director" comes to light. The Rise of Phoenixes In the film, the female shuai qiuming has tearful hair. Mariposa negra "Social sister Lin Tucci It will finally shine. The film "Mariposa negra" starringLiu Min Taowas released nationwide on May 15. Lin jie, who "doesn't talk too much", is waiting for you at the cinema!

General autumn tears down the audience left "broken into slag

Liu Min Tao starred inThe Rise of Phoenixesas general qiu Ming tassel. She used to be a famous lady of autumn family, also a woman not to let the fire phoenix woman, more respected da cheng wang zhaofeng lady. For 18 years because of national enmity hatred everywhere forbearance, no longer see the world. All the surviving adults hope that dacheng will help them rebuild dacheng, for them, the ninth princess is the faith, is the hope of the restoration. Only she, suffered humiliation, quietly kept her 18 years. As the mother, she is not afraid of any danger, but only for the safety of a pair of children.

But eventually she saw her own son die in her arms and she was poisoned... The net friend expresses strongly to niang's pain and not give up: "this life, she carries on too much, the great cause and the dear ones, endure and suffer, tear of have much pain, the heart has broken into slag...... "" too much abuse, abuse of the heart and liver pain! "A niang can not bear you ah ah" along with, a niang's death, feng knows wei and ning yi's emotional trend is more confusing.

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Liu Min Tao talks about forbidden love on screen in Mariposa negra

The story of the film "Mariposa negra" revolves around Lin Tucci, a woman played byLiu Min Taowho is released early from prison. She and from the town came to the big city of unemployed youth zhou kunpeng together, relying on each other, help, produced a wonderful chemical reaction, deducing a disappointing, fruitless love.

"Lin Tucci is really high energy! Sigh. Lin Tucci, played by Liu Min Tao, is a tough and courageous woman who is covered with wounds. She is at the bottom of the society. She dares to love and hate without losing justice and principle. In the film, her biggest personality trait is that she is a real "social sister" who doesn't talk much. It is rare for such a female character to be a heroine on domestic screen nowadays. For Liu Min Tao, it is also a new and bold attempt.

Lin Tucci has a "grey" past and a "mysterious" Mariposa negra. The men on the show are obsessed with "Mariposa negra." For different people, it has different symbolic, alluding to human greed, desire, but also a symbol of "pure love". I believe that everyone who has seen "Mariposa negra" will have their own thoughts.

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