Age of entrepreneurship' yi song second kills baby! these women are amazing."

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4. 'villain two' Chun Li is scolded to fall to weibo for realistic acting. JPG

3. 'most beautiful woman number two' Jiarong Lv doesn't miss every chance to shine. JPG


Linkeddb News November 5Workplace drama" Age of entrepreneurship The film is now popular, and the in-depth development of the plot and the actors' acting skills have been hotly discussed on the Internet. Among them, Angelababy Because of the pompous performance was "too drama", she and Yi Song As the leading lady, Angelababy's performance is not the first time that she has been hanged. In the entertainment industry, there are some women who stand out more than the main character in the drama, for example Jiarong Lv and Chun Li Today, let's take a look at their performances.

& have spent "Cat lady" Yi Song has great power to press Angelababy

Entrepreneurship is one of the hot topics on young people cannot leave, and the TV series "the Age of entrepreneurship, has really put this topic to show in front of an audience, drama, female 2 Wendy star Yi Song very give prize, she played a struggle in the workplace, but ambitious insecure girl, Yi Song with natural acting as" the Age of entrepreneurship "contribute a lot of wonderful clips, especially her with Angelababy box to play, At first glance, you can see her acting smooth, seamless, and her understanding of the role is very good. Yi Song has been labeled as "cat lady" by netizens. However, she is so sweet that she can break out her impressive strength in her works. She turns the heroine into a slag every minute.

 Jiarong Lv takes every chance to shine

Jiarong Lv, the actor, has taken on the most number of female number 2 roles since her debut, and many audiences have become familiar with her through her exciting female number 2 roles, such as Fairview edge gorgeous adventure " Yin Mingzhu Jiarong Lv's character is more eye-catching both in appearance and in character. Her tenacity and fragility always deeply touch the hearts of the audience. Jiarong Lv's soulful acting takes the shine of every character to the extreme, such as "" Great scenery In Jiarong Lv, she always skillfully presents the inner world of the characters with appropriate expressions and actions. She never misses any chance to let the characters shine. She is also worthy of being called "the most beautiful woman 2".

1. Age of entrepreneurship Yi Song second kills baby! .jpg

 Chun Li, the "anti-woman ii", was scolded for her realistic acting

Since ancient times, no.2 has always been regarded as "vicious" and "sinister" in the film and TV series, which has led many actors who play no.2 to take the blame. Chun Li is a typical actress who attracts black fans for playing no.2. Once Upon a Time In the film, she plays the scheming woman sujin, who not only destroys other people's feelings, but also is very cunning.Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace", she plays wan wei 嬿 subverted and game, let the misunderstanding between the emperor and empress, only interest in her eyes, the role for the said "to see her to gas", and even cause some net friend on weibo to her abuse, looks like Chun Li has strong strength, bring the audience into the play "villain female 2", although not lovable, but proves that Chun Li's performance is really worth for sure.

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