Only to meet you,' a special edition of the series, explains her ingenuity, mingen zhang janice man, 'love at first sight

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Star connection September 5Recently, the urban emotional inspirational drama" Only to meet you "Smoothly into the post-production stage. "Only to meet you," an official anthology, records Mingen Zhang , Janice Man , Shawn , Melody Tang, , Yashu Ma , Xiaobing Ji In addition, the film crew showed their ingenuity from filming the set to making the actors during the 96-day shooting. Speaking of killing,Janice Manwas reluctant to part, saying: "gao jie, I love you very, very much."Mingen Zhangadmits that her biggest impression is that "all the people on the team have helped us, and they have given more to the show than we have seen on the surface."

Jewelry set sincerity and fine structure

On May 29, the TV series "only to meet you" officially opened in Shanghai. It experienced hot and hot summer. Then, the official release of the documentary took just a few minutes to record 96 days, from filming the set to the production of the actors, all the creators of the "craftsmanship." Among them, several major scenes in the drama -- rui hua jin, pan family mansion, street scenes... Complete design architecture from scratch. The most anticipated interior of rui hua jin jewelry is "confidential", which is also revealed to the audience for the first time by the art director di kun. Traditional jewelry handicraft teaching was arranged on the shooting site, and every movement of the actors tried to be professional, combining the cutting-edge fashion idea with the traditional craft spirit to create a design language combining Chinese and western elements, highlighting "craftsmanship" in subtle places.

If the interior construction follows the consistent delicacy of watching the film and television, the main and creative staff of the crew also carved every detail with sincere ingenuity. During filming, the director Ziming Wang Wang Dao experienced a lump in the back of the camera during a scene in which a man and a woman were on the break. To prepare for the next day, Huang tianren photography studio The director would think about the script until late at night, prepare many sets of templates, and find the best way to perform. And directors' careful preparation, coupled with actors' professional performance, can often present a better effect. Interview, the director also quipped, own template is often actors play break, although the time more, but he thought it was a good thing: "actors sometimes will give a new way of performing, although this means that the old stuff to be overturned, but time is also a good thing, after all, you can go for the better."

Mingen ZhangJanice Manforeign country "love at first sight" the whole crew sincerity to move the director

After finishing the shoot in Shanghai,Mingen ZhangandJanice Manwent to Thailand to shoot a scene in which the couple, yu zhi and gao jie, fell in love at first sight in a foreign country. During her time in Thailand,Mingen Zhangposted a message on her micro blog, "put it on straight", to commemorate the memorable moment with a fancy selfie. Speaking about her success,Mingen Zhangsaid she did not want to leave all the cast and crew, andJanice Mandid not want to say goodbye to the cast and characters. In the story,Janice Manemotionally confessed her role: "gao jie, you are a girl who attracts me so much. I love you so much and will always remember you." Speaking of the most moving part of the 96-day shoot,Mingen Zhangthanked the team again: "they are paying more for the show than we have seen on the surface."

As directorZiming Wanghas said, "only to meet you" has not only the extreme craft aesthetics, but also the craftsman spirit of contemporary young people in pursuit of hard work. It was a sweltering summer in Shanghai, and the actors were filming in suits, their shirts drenched in sweat. Whether it's being caught in the rain, or being involved in a car accident, actors go out of their way to perfect it. Shawn, who plays A Home Too Far, said he was working on the role twice. Xiaobing Ji's character, si cheng, plays a part of playing the piano in the play. As long as there is spare time for playing the play,Xiaobing Jiwill use his fingers to practice the piano score on the table. After a 96-day shoot with the entire team, directorZiming Wangsaid he was touched: "not only the staff, but also the actors were hard and tired. At that time in Shanghai filming, even meals can not eat on time, but everyone is very happy. The working atmosphere of the whole crew moved me a lot." & have spent

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