The five sisters' film and slay women's league

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Star relationship news: the movie "I have five sisters, I am doomed to be single!!" by Angie Chai Produced and directed by su wensheng, Kent Tsai , xiang jie ru, Jeannie Hsieh, , Marcus Chang , Eugenie Liu, , Moxi Zhang Yao, yao gao, yao zhang, xuan Yang zhu, etc. starred in the movie "I am doomed to be single with five sisters" before 3unshine. The promotion song "your sister" has been released in the mixed cut version of MV. As the first cooperation between 3unshine and the film, the promotion song "your sister" has been attracting much attention since its release. Today, the film as promised to release the pure version of the MV, a number of fans expressed a long awaited.

"Five sisters" 3unshine has launched the music video of the pure version of "your sister" with a high profile

3 unshine topic since debut, after take part in "101" is pushed to the forefront, negative evaluation more menacing than praise forever, negative words such as "weak to explosion" is flying, three girls like Tarzan coping, can say that their strength is not enough, also can say they are not enough attention, but the stagnant will be eliminated one day. After the controversy of "create 101", 3unshine has been continuously accumulating and determined to prove itself with its own progress and excellent works. "With five sisters, I'm doomed to be single! The reason why they choose to cooperate with 3unshine to promote the music is very simple. Compared with the negative impression of 3unshine in the public, their music works are really amazing. As a movie without big cast and big traffic, I'm doomed to be single with five sisters. It was a bold decision. "3unshine has come" and "rules are under my command", so that everyone can see the rebirth of 3unshine. Darkness cannot bring down people who have faith. Compared with the co-productions released at the same time, netizens' comments on your sister are more "friendly".

The five sisters shine their own 3unshine to support themselves

The movie "I am doomed to be single with five sisters"! It tells a funny and funny story about an atypical family group. The hero of the film is a man with five sisters, who is known as "waste chai jie bao" and wants to take off shan li manlong. In the eyes of his five sisters, li is always the brother who needs to be fully protected. After learning that his brother is going to have a girlfriend, the sisters started a series of "sister is always right" brother protection plans. Films at the same time very value the cooperation with 3 unshine, in three days ago released official source of sound, continuous forward 3 unshine officer micro three members of the countdown video for the promotion of preheating, "your sister" lyrics, arranger, and members of the MV model, not only represents the quality requirement of 3 unshine for music and taste, are in position to interpret the sisters brother li snapdragon pressure in the movie the strength of feeling, 3 unshine along with the growth of public opinion, slowly walked out of their own way, which coincide with the purpose of the director took this movie, Director at the conference said: "in the background had just met 3 unshine I'll find the taste of their elder sister is very strong," your sister "is a song is perfect for the film, for the cooperation with 3 unshine, I feel very excited, very grateful to them the film for us to sing song, and my sisters different personality and way of life is to encourage the girls living out self and individual character, more realistic significance."

Han is the film and television film by zhuhai investment co., LTD., Beijing jia reflected culture media co., LTD., Beijing sample of film and television production co., LTD., the stars are ruizhi international entertainment co., LTD., piece film co., LTD., hualian international audio co., LTD., full duo co., LTD., China's trust venture investment co., LTD., kashgar jia reflected culture media co., LTD., joint production, this summer, see how snapdragon claw escaped from sister.

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