Who is Louis Koo's girl friend who is Louis Koo's goddess?

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Now is the time when little meat is rampant. Almost all of the little fresh meat is a little white-faced sissy. In contrast, the old generation of stars is full of masculinity. Although their facial value may not be as good as the current little flesh, they are also very handsome. They are masculine and handsome men, not sissy handsome.


Louis Koo is one of the representatives of masculine handsome, others are handsome and good acting, but we also worry about his feelings, so many years later, he has been single and not married, he also had several rumored girlfriend, but seeing As time goes by, Gossip Girl has his own belongings one by one, and the old one is still a bit bleak. Without a wife and children, he would treat children in impoverished mountainous areas as his own children and donate school to do good things. Such a good person must live for five hundred years.


Louis Koo's girlfriend is also considered to be a lot more in the entertainment industry, but they are all rumoured girlfriends. So, who is Louis Koo's girlfriend? He never personally admitted that any Gossip Girl is a real girlfriend.

However, according to netizens, Louis Koo's only official girlfriend admitted was Hong Kong TVB artist Natalie Wong . This name may be relatively unfamiliar to everyone, and Natalie Wong and Louis Koo are affectionate. Natalie Wong, who was in love with Louis Koo at the time, was basically a semi-entrepreneur, Natalie Wong also walked past Louis Koo through the trough of his life, and Louis Koo continued to work hard in 1995 with the highly rated TV series “God”. The "carving master" became the youngest player in TVB in Hong Kong.


Louis Koo became a big hit in the entertainment industry with "The Condor Heroes" and his acting career rose. There are more and more opportunities to appear on the screen and the popularity is getting higher and higher. Then gradually faded out of the television circle and began to focus on the movie circle. Although Louis Koo is a relatively early actor, he has been dedicated to all his work. In addition, Louis Koo will also participate in public welfare activities in the community. In 2007, he will also serve as UNICEF’s "ambassador for the UN Children's Fund."


Behind a successful person there is always a woman who will always support him as successful. Louis Koo is already a successful person, but he is still not married. Although he has no wife, everyone wants to know who is Louis Koo's girlfriend. With regard to Louis Koo's rumoured girlfriend, Yang Gongyu is also one of them. There have been people who jokes about her with Louis Koo and say that it is not only a couple on the screen but also a real couple.


This statement did not go to the official recognition of Louis Koo. As time went by, everyone gradually played down this matter. In addition to Yang Gongyu, Bonnie Law is also one of Louis Koo's rumoured girlfriends. She personally said that she had a love relationship with Louis Koo, but both of them are underground and have never been exposed. Finally talk about Natalie Wong, a Hong Kong sister beauty artist born female artist. She is the girlfriend that Louis Koo acknowledged. It is said to be loved by Louis Koo. It is the only woman that Louis Koo really loves. It is a pity that the two went through a seven-year long-distance running affair together and they finally divided their hands, but both said that they could still be friends and friends forever.


In October 17th, the news of “Louis Koo Amber Kuo's love was open” shocked a large number of users. Then the Amber Kuo agent issued a rumor. “For today’s Internet rumors are false news, please don’t bother too much. "Then Amber Kuo forwarded that "don't bother" and denied love. (So, you can disperse by yourself.) Then, many netizens commented: Although you know it is not true, but do you still hope you are together?


Today, Louis Koo, who has gone through several scandals, has focused on his career and seems to be in no hurry to find another girlfriend. Perhaps the fate of the other half of him has not yet arrived. When the two people's fate arrives, they will naturally come together.

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