Tianqi shi', “forever family”, turned into a white-collar worker in the 1990s, and started the road of red-blooded reform with jianfeng bao.

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Linkeddb News October 29 starring Jianfeng Bao ,Wang Yan (actress), Tianqi Shi Co-starring inspirational city emotion drama forever family is being broadcast on sichuan satellite TV and liaoning satellite TV. Around the reform of state-owned enterprises in the 1990s, the northeast heavy industry plant red flag Factory as the background, tells the story of Tianqi Shi plays Sun Huining contemporary intellectuals, and Jianfeng Bao played Qiao Wei equality, under the support of national policy, rely on their own knowledge and enthusiasm, constantly groping forward in trouble, finally overcome all difficulties, led the red flag factory rushed out of the encirclement, complete reform, reorganization, set sail, an excellent enterprise model is the story of a new era.

Forever family tells the story of the '90s worker. JPG

In enterprise reform, Jianfeng Bao Tianqi Shi men in front of the collective love, also in order to lay down their personal small love, constantly grow and change, it is reported, Tianqi Sun Huining Shi plays, as a famous university graduate students in the 90 s, trained in Germany, is the technical backbone of contemporary scramble for talents, in the latest episode, this can take a high salary, enjoy generous welfare in foreign company, she began to shake under wei-ping qiao persuasion, prepare to go back to that not even wages hair red flag factory, With excellent technology and resources, we will fight together with qiao weiping to shake the old factory of the new red flag. A war on the rise of the red flag factory will be started soon.

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Can be seen from the Sun Huining style of doing things, she is a representative of the contemporary new knowledge young women, independent personality, has a strong personal capacity, regardless of the secular vision, not to anyone, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance self-reliance is her personal characteristics, and Tianqi Shi also explain the role of interesting, as college students of wei-ping qiao, longing for the dark born of two people, because their parents, family gap element, had to cut off the actress, in turn, between two people, has been unable to make up for the regret, in the face of a family wei-ping qiao, Tianqi Shi has been controlled and quiet, She is proud of, and she don't allow yourself to have anything that moves, at the same time, she also is magnanimous, she can be generous admits his love, confessed himself to wei-ping qiao wife,Wang Yan (actress)played a beautiful "envy", straight to straight, don't beat around the bush, have to say that in Tianqi Shi, under the portrait of Sun Huining corner is powder, people constantly favor, big men don't love, the audience to the trend of love.

At present, the plot is still unfolding. When will sun huining return to the red flag factory, and how will he save red flag from being hot for a long time, and how will the three people's emotional difficulties develop? More exciting, please pay attention to sichuan satellite TV and liaoning satellite TV golden theater, and Jianfeng Bao Tianqi Shi, together leading the rise of red flag factory.

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