She was dubbed "Mao Kobayashi Qingxia" experiencing emotional setbacks.

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The TV series “ If Love ” directed by Zhang Zhe book tells the story of the three sisters who are either growing or inspiring to grow, gorgeously transforming or warming. The TV series “if love” was broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV on May 27. Since the TV series was aired, the ratings have been excellent. The heroes and heroines of the drama have become hot topics. The heroine is played by Cecilia Cheung , a TV drama ten years after Cecilia Cheung screened. Cecilia Cheung plays everybody Patsy Ka Ling in the play. Passy Ka Ling is a growing role in the play, from the beginning to the submissive, full-time wife to later come back to a unique one. The TV series “if love” has been updated to the ninth episode. As far as the tenth set of notices is concerned, the heroine in the drama begins to wrestle her own husband and mother-in-law and “Domineering Spirit” begins to go online.







Cecilia Cheung, who was sweet and beautiful because of his debut, was called " Mao Kobayashi Qingxia" and "Jade Girl Head". In 1998, Cecilia Cheung was spotted by Stephen Chow as " The King of Comedy ." Since then, Cecilia Cheung has made great achievements in music and movies, and received numerous awards, such as the well-known "Wish", "Hedong Griffin". One of the TV series starring Cecilia Cheung was " End of the World song girl " with Yueming Pan ten years ago, and the other is "if love" which is being hit ten years later.





Cecilia Cheung’s relationship has always been full of twists and turns. Before being with Nicholas Tse , Cecilia Cheung was with Daniel Chan . In 2000, the two officially announced their love, but this relationship only lasted for one year. And break up. In 2002, Cecilia Cheung fell in love with Nicholas Tse. In the middle of the two, although they were divided up, they held a wedding in the Philippines in September of the same year. In the following years, the two sons of Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse were born, but the marriage of the two ended due to their disagreement on the divorce. After the divorce, Nicholas Tse was in the background with Shirley Wong , and Cecilia Cheung's emotional life has always been of concern to the outside world. Some time ago, according to Cecilia Cheung's photos of life, netizens with eye-tip friends discovered that foreign sex scandal boyfriends were also in the photographs. After all, the scandal was just an anecdote. It was not known whether it was true or false.




Today's Cecilia Cheung, although it is 38 years old, still has its face still, and the goddess is still the goddess. Cecilia Cheung's popularity in the circle is relatively good. Cecilia Cheung’s birthday was also a blessing to her. She was also a celebrity star of Cecilia Cheung’s 20th anniversary and her family. With two handsome and well-behaved sons, unfamiliar faces, and his own career, Cecilia Cheung is also considered a winner in life. The audience who watched the TV drama “If Love” stated that the goddess is still so beautiful... and expects the goddess Cecilia Cheung to perform in the TV series “if love”.



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