Boyfriend cheating to break up chun-ning chang: i'm going to beg for an apology on my knees

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My boyfriend broke up with me Chun - Ning Chang Response: I'm begging for an apology on my knees again

Recently, Taiwan media revealed that a girl was found to have sent a flirtatious message to her boyfriend Lin Zhe Le, although her boyfriend tried to recover, but she insisted on breaking up, sina entertainment verified chun-ning Chang mainland broker, the other side said "temporarily not to respond."

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Net friend direct shout: "insist to break up, be right." At the same time, I don't agree with the view of people in chun-ning Chang, saying, "flowers on cow dung", "goddess, although we pay more attention to the inner part of the other half, we should also look at the level of appearance, after all, you are so beautiful" and so on.

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As early as 2017, chun-ning Chang andLin Zhele were photographed living together in a secret meeting in Shanghai, but the woman denied. One user said: 'I used to deny that I was a boyfriend, but now I'm seeing chun-ning Chang's boyfriend cheating on me.' 'chun-ning Chang is single for a long time. Do not impose the bad family ethics drama plot on chun-ning Chang, the false reports brought her a lot of trouble ".. They might really be like showbiz He Jiong and Xie Na Same, only pure friendship. Of course, the two are good friends and good friends.

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This time, the two got emotional again.Lin Zhewas so excited about the affair that chun-ning Chang responded, "it's wonderful! How many people have helped me get right these years? I'm really sorry that my friend has been on the news all the time. When my friend is so weak, I will beg for an apology on my knees again..Chun - Ning Changprofile denies rumors In the meantime, go up searchLin Zhele on baidu, data shows married person, wife is guan yundi. The signs are that the two are really just good friends.

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Chun-ning Chang, born in shuxiang, graduated from the master's program in the law group of the institute of industrial economics, central university of Taiwan. She is called "Taiwan's most beautiful woman". In 2002, chun-ning Chang acted in his debut work Meteor Garden 2 ". In 2006, and Jerry Yan The star of "the white tower" is well known to audiences. In 2013, with love drama TheFinestHours "Get more attention. Recently, she also performed on the stage of the popular variety show "I am the actor", which won the victory over her married wife Viann .Chun - Ning Changhas lived the dream of many women in his career and study.

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Chun-Ning Chang and, it is said Mark Chao Once had a relationship, is the showbiz beauty of the beauty. In 2009, the two collaborated on Black & White "Met when, mutual love, come together. ButMark Chaolater moved on Gao Yuanyuan The two eventually broke up. At that time, Internet users booed, I guess nowadays chun-ning Chang can't forgive Gao Yuanyuan! Today, Mark ChaoGao Yuanyuanis happily married. We also hope that the goddess chun-ning Chang can find a partner soon and be very happy!

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