Song Zhe pleaded guilty, and Wang Baoqiang was the winner and the loser.

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Wang BaoqiangwithMa RongAt one point, the divorce case of Yang Yang was so heated that most netizens supportedWang Baoqiangand hated Ma Rong.Ma Rongis a modern pan jinlian who betrays her husband without obeying the rules of women.


But Ma Rong, who has refused to admit toWang Baoqiangafter her affair was exposed, has brazenly tried to reverse her negative image. Such a woman, no man is expected to marry her in the future. By contrast,Ma Rongis on the hookSong ZheAfter a lengthy court investigation, after days of fear and trepidation after the disclosure, Mr Song admitted that he had stolen Mr Wang's property, and that Mr Wang would sooner or later find stronger evidence to accuse him of stealing from Ma Rong.


At noon on July 11, a similar story appeared on the Internet, "Song Zhe pleaded guilty on suspicion of embezzlement and pleaded guilty on the spot". Fortunately, the government gave netizens a satisfactory explanation, andSong Zhewas finally convicted. This marks the end of the two-yearWang Baoqiangcase! Over the past two years, Internet users have overwhelmingly supported Wang Baoqiang, voicing their grievances against him and hoping thatSong ZheandMa Rongwill be punished as they should.

Wang Baoqiang was born in the grassroots and became a movie star through his own efforts. Such things happened in his family, which should not be publicized. However, he did not pay attention to his own face, but revealed his wifeMa RongandSong Zheto the whole country. For other celebrities, either opt for a private life or make up a case for a divorce, making it impossible forWang Baoqiangto make his family dirty. This also shows from a side thatWang Baoqiangis honest and upright by virtue of such a character, he can achieve today's achievements, which is naturally doomed.


For two years,Ma Rongdid not fare well, and was reviled by netizens every day, becoming the anti-cheating textbook.Ma RongandSong Zhebecame street mice asWang Baoqiangtweeted that night. For a while, the nation rallied to the same cause, proud of cursing Ma Rong. There are also supporters of Ma Rong, but the power of the post is too small to be compared with the huge army of people who accuse it of being "Rong".


Song Zhe has pleaded guilty. Is Wang Baoqiang's wife's affair over? It should be over for Wang Baoqiang, but not so good for his children. After all, children are innocent, parents because of the emotional issues of divorce, the suffering is always children.

Wang Baoqiang's son is 8 years old and his daughter is 7! The two children are young and belong to the age of coquetry in the arms of their parents. MrWang Baoqiangis right to expose his wife, Ma Rong, as an adulterer, but he has wronged his two children in order to be nasty.Song Zhedeserved it, andWang Baoqiangwas the winner and the loser. He did not become a good father and put two young children under unimaginable pressure. In the hope thatSong ZheandMa Rongwill get their due punishment,Wang Baoqiangput down his work and spent some time with his two physically and mentally injured children.

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