Dantang punk woman! ma sichun “di renjies four kings” will be released soon."

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Star relationship news: byTsui HarkThe director,Chen, Kuo - fuThe supervision,Mark Chao,Feng Shaofeng,Lin Gengxin,Ethan Juan,Ma Sichun,Carina Lau,The action fantasy film will be released nationwide on July 27. In the film,Ma Sichunplays the "water moon" of the punk woman, who tries to seize the high dragon mace at the command of wu zetian and confronts with di renjie

In the exposed trailer and character special, Ma Sichun's water-moon forehead is covered with silver powder, her eyebrows are set with several rivets, her eyes are light and deep, her face is heavy, and her appearance is strange and hard to distinguish between good and evil.Ma Sichunnot only has a lot of martial arts drama in the film, but also has a lot of fighting scenes with Lin Gengxin's sha tuozhong. The scene of their meeting in the bathhouse is more dramatic and interesting, which makes people look forward to it. When the overbearing woman meets the cute doctor, the two men have a strange chemical reaction, which attracts intense attention from the audience.

Ma Sichun has also been busy filming the movieDi RenJies four KingsIn the publicity of the national road show,Ma Sichunadmitted in the interview that her character shui yue was beyond her imagination and worried that her interpretation would not be enough. Fortunately, directorTsui Harksaid that she had passed the water month, which made her more confident. Ma Sichun, the opposite of Lin Gengxin, also said he was happy to work together, "but beat him many times."Ma Sichunlaughed.

"Di RenJies four Kings" is coming out soon, andMa Sichunsurprised and challenged the punk girl. On July 27, the truth is clear.

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