Wu qian (actress) reveals that his latest animated feature is the latest in a series of instant noodle rolls that work best in early winter.

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Wu Qian (actress) black and white blockbuster. JPG

 Linkeddb News December 4 Recently, the actorWu Qian (actress)Shot a group of black and white magic color fashion blockbuster. In the photo, she has fashionable instant noodles, curly hair, firm eyes and a variety of look styles, which are perfect for winter fashion. Sheep rolls half tie up hair to match candy lubricious knitting to cover skirt, will girl feeling and teenager gas are clever confluence, cool and sweet glamour is very much. Join together furs collocation jeans and black ankle boots, cozy and natural and unrestrained and simple sense full marks, more make public unruly fashion attitude. Concise black and white wears the naked color makeup look that matchs clean, grace and intellectual coexist, send out mature glamour. Between black and white light and shadow, wearing a classic striped suit suit, she showed strong lens tension and showed her free and easy edge and aura.

Wu Qian (actress). JPG


Wu Qian (actress) is graceful and graceful. JPG

Wu Qian (actress) autumn and winter blockbuster. JPG

It is reported thatWu Qian (actress)starred in the TV series" An Oriental Odyssey "Is a hit, she played in the play bold heart, can think of good decision chivalrous woman ye yuan 'an, by the audience love.

Wu Qian (actress) is free and unrestrained. JPG

Wu Qian (actress) looks directly at the camera. JPG

Wu Qian (actress) teenage sense. JPG

Wu Qian (actress) large cover. JPG


Wu Qian (actress) is handsome and handsome. JPG

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