We are in action' Richie Jen rushes oxen excrement experience grazing Xiaodong Guo visits companies to explore new ideas

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"We are in action" Richie Jen rushes oxen excrement experience grazing Xiaodong Guo visits companies to explore new ideas

At 22:00pm on May 16th, the national first-stage accurate poverty alleviation public welfare documentary program—Yiju LeNong “We Are in Action” will be broadcast soon by Dragon TV, E-House China and Sina Weibo. After a previous investigation of Daoyangcun, and after discovering the dilemma of the development of the local yak industry, this period's public welfare ambassadors Rong Chen , Xiaodong Guo, Richie Jen, Oscar Sun , and Ajia have sought to find a way to break through, respectively visiting the township. The cooperatives and pastoral herders grazing, performing rehearsal programs, inviting modern artists to do yak image design to make final planning preparations for the order meeting, and made many effective attempts in industrial poverty alleviation and spiritual poverty alleviation.

Richie Jen rides herd to experience grazing Xiaodong Guo to visit corporate learning experience

After a thorough review of the yak industry in the Daban Sheep Farm, the philanthropic ambassadors learned that the development of the local yak industry is facing difficulties. The search for scientific farming methods and the realization of industrial scale have become the key to breaking the development of the Yak industry and helping the villagers get rid of poverty. To this end, the philanthropic ambassadors decided to split up their actions. Rong Chen, Richie Jen, and Ajia teamed up to experience local pastoral life. Xiaodong Guo and Oscar Sun went to Guide's largest yak farming cooperative to learn from their successful experiences.

During the process of grazing, the philanthropist ambassadors not only grazing cow dung, but Richie Jen even followed the herdsmen and tried to ride the cows in the cold and rainy weather. The rigorous climate and the grazing of life have made the public ambassadors feel deeply touched, and they have also strengthened their resolve to help the villagers achieve poverty reduction in their industries. On the other hand, Xiaodong Guo and Oscar Sun’s investigation visit to the Mawu Huimin Cooperative also yielded great results. Due to the change of grass feeding to grain feeding, cooperatives not only avoided the impact of local climate and environment, but also had the benefit of quick economic benefits. The successful experience of the Mawu Huimin Cooperative has allowed the two people to double their confidence in the improvement of the yak industry in Daban Sheep Farm and successfully persuaded the promoters of the cooperatives to go to Dabanyang Village for technical guidance and industrial cooperation.

The yak breeding method is now disagreeing with public ambassadors to promote scientific farming

The philanthropy ambassadors took a divergent approach, and after unanimous discussion, they determined that the yak industry structure was optimized through a combination of grass-fed and grain-fed mixed feeding and used it as the ultimate poverty alleviation industry program. However, the views of the villagers on the hybrid farming method show a bipolar attitude. On the one hand, young villagers are very optimistic about the economic benefits of mixed breeding; on the other hand, some villagers still insist on traditional grazing and breeding, and believe that raising the grain feed will destroy the original quality of the yak. Although the philanthropic ambassadors actively sought confirmation from the livestock husbandry experts to answer questions and doubts about the villagers, the opinions of the villagers have never been able to reach a consensus.

For the sake of protecting ethnic culture and respecting villagers' thinking, the philanthropic ambassadors decided not to continue to convince the work, but rather to win the trust of the villagers by using the results of the trade fair. To this end, the public welfare ambassadors seized the preparatory work order for the division of labor: Xiaodong Guo invited contemporary artist Zhang Wei to design the image of Yak, Oscar Sun visited the villager to lobby the villagers to participate in the trade fair, and Rong Chen and Richie Jen sought cooks to cook the dishes. The best combination is to rehearse orderly and dance. Despite the tight deadlines and hard preparations for the preparatory work, the ambassadors are still full of confidence. Richie Jen is very motivated. “I hope to help them solve their problems and more people will join us.”

Coordinated development of culture and industry

While China’s poverty alleviation efforts are advancing strongly, in addition to economic construction in impoverished areas, the preservation of regional culture and the completion of cultural and economical harmonious development have become increasingly important topics for precision poverty alleviation. Poverty alleviation not only helps the economy, but also helps the poor people to accept new ideas while helping the poor to accept new ideas. At the same time how to preserve the traditional culture intact, the “We Are in Action” program group has made many effective demonstrations.

The use of hand-made noodle inherited from Liuzhuo Village for 400 years to promote local economic development, and promote the integration of the local culture of Dingling Red Rice millennia to achieve the industrial integration of Dingling Village. The government’s century-old grey bean curd fruit and “Medicine Honey” helped the Dai people to walk out of Dashan and pass folk custom tourism. To rejuvenate the 17-channel economy, and even in the urgent situation of Tadungyang Village's industrial development problems, the program team still insists on retaining the nomadic culture carried by the yaks. All of these are targeted at the coordinated development of culture and industry. Poverty alleviation. Dragon TV uses its own media influence and cultural communication power to effectively prove the possibility that culture and economy are not exclusive and can be co-prosperity, providing real and effective cases for accurate poverty alleviation.

Without giving up traditional culture and scientifically optimizing industrial development, the efforts made by the philanthropic ambassadors in assisting the poverty-stricken Daoyang Village are a wonderful collision between the direction and perspective of precision poverty alleviation. Will their well-prepared ordering meetings win the trust of the villagers? Can the mixed breeding method really change the development of the local yak industry? Please lock in the broadcast on May 16 (Wednesday) at 22:00 pm, Dragon TV's Yijule Agricultural "We are in action."

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