The unattractive man, who has acted as a double for eight years and repeatedly refused the director's invitation, is now a late bloomer.

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The unattractive man, who has been acting as a double for eight years and has repeatedly turned down offers from the director, is now a late bloomer

If you ask how important looks are, people may disagree. But sometimes, for an actor, the level of appearance is not proportional to the level of acting. Today's talking about the hero, in the handsome and beautiful acting circle, there is no advantage in his looks, even can be described as the four words of bad looks. But as the saying goes, "you can't judge a book by its cover, you can't judge a book by its cover. His name is Liu wave Great things become famous at last

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Liu wave, born in Beijing, China, had many years of experience in opera stage training, andLiu wavecould not get his way to art without the influence of his family. For Liu wave, the early years were not smooth. It wasn't until the late 1990s thatLiu wavemade his debut on screen. His first screen appearance was as a stand-in, and for the next eight years,Liu wavehas been doing stand-ins for big names.


Liu wave in the TV series Happy day seven fairies The character of the broom in the movie is still in the minds of many audiences.


Liu wave's many characters are not the main characters, but his characters are small and his acting is good. Whether it is" shajiabang The hateful villain of "diao xiao SAN" or "diao xiao SAN" The Big house feel The bossy boss, or Dog fight stick "The bandit of jiguan mountain" mouse"Liu waveproved himself with his acting skills and created many vivid and flesh-and-blood characters for the audience.

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With regard to acting,Liu wavehas no great ambition and only tries his best to perfectly interpret every character. Also, the director of the TV series Dog fight stick Jingyu Guo, I admire Liu wave's performance and praise her. The director ofJingyu Guo,also revealed that he had been invited to act several times, but was rejected by Liu wave.



It's the gold that always shines one day. Liu wave, with his reverence for art and acting, ushered in a golden period in his career and starred in many films and television works. Although there is no high level of appearance, but low-key life, practical acting, can win the audience's warm praise.


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