You're such a Hawick Lau from Cross Kings...

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The star cross-border music reality show “Cross-Bound Song King” launched by Beijing Satellite TV has been broadcast for two seasons. The third season of Cross-Border Song King is being hit, and the third season’s cross-over song king has come in six. Stars: Wu Xiubo , Xu Jinglei , Elvis Han , Chen Xuedong , Li Feier , Hawick Lau . The third quarter has already been broadcast two times, and Hawick Lau's unique deep voice and handsome appearance have earned him a lot of fans on the stage of the singer.



In the latest issue of the cross-song song king, the majority of netizens saw a different Hawick Lau. In the latest issue of the cross-over song king, Hawick Lau boldly tries rock and roll style, leather style is cool and handsome, a "What You Want to Do" shocked the audience. On the stage of the cross-song king, we saw a changeable style of Hawick Lau, who was still singing in the affectionate style in the previous second and then rocked the audience with the next second. After the concert, the host asked Hawick Lau, if you enter the finals, who would you ask as your singer, Leo Ku or Louis Koo ? And Hawick Lau's answer is also full of laughter - let Louis Koo To speak Mandarin, think of Kelly Yu 's Hawick Lau and naughty.


In the fourth night of the Leo Ku Red House concert on the evening of the 13th, the “Wireless New Five Tigers” reunited with the box, and Louis Koo, Leo Ku, Hawick Lau and others shared the “Love of the Year” and it was a wave of memories. Kill! A lot of netizens said that they were all very good friends. One by one is simply frosty age! The fans of the vast cross-border song kings also hope to see their reconstitution on the stage of cross-border song kings. Let's continue to look forward to Hawick Lau's performance on the cross-border stage. Let's continue listening to the Hawick Lau style love song.



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