If life meets you' and 'Couple couple' Jiarong Lv Yu Bo

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" If life meets you " "Couple of Squid " Jiarong Lv Yu Bo Siu Enai

People often say that it is hard for people to buy, and that true love is hard to come by. Recently, the Republic of China drama "If life meets you" adapted from the novel " Fog siege " is being played on Tencent videos. Li Zhongnian played by Jia Hong and Yu Bo played by Jiarong Lv is known as the "The Couple of Catfish." The latest episode, "Show Love," "Sprinkle Dog Food," sighs netizens and is really a sweet lover! Let's take a look at how they "sweet" it.

Marshal "Flying Vinegar" 闵 红玉笑带甜甜

In the recent drama, Li Zhongnian praised the wearing of red jade. Red jade said that he was trying to help Yi Lianxi to snoop on the news before he was dressed. Li Chongnian’s expression was slightly lost after being heard, and he was jealous. He thought that you were just for me to go up the mountain. Yi Lianyi was a little charming, and Ruan Hongyu noticed that he wasn’t looking right. He smiled and said with a straight smile: “Do you have anything to do with him?” Yan Hongyu admits that Yi Lianyi is similar to his own experience and is also a poor person.

Li Zhongnian suddenly sat up from the sofa, "poor?! You are not in Fuzhou time to stay too long!" Did not expect to eat vinegar to the handsome is just like a child, making the red can not help but be shy . When the two got along, Red Ruby had been persuading the marshals to put down their hostility to Yi Lianqi but did not think that Marshal was “taking vinegar off for it”. The two men once and for all came back. This kind of show of love was so sweet that they lost their teeth. The netizens who saw this episode said "I'm too shy, I want to change my name to Yan Hongyu!"

"Couple of squid" Jiarong Lv Yu Bo

As Yan Hongyu puts it, “I like the person who saved me from the dust and eats oil tofu.” Yu Bo plays Li Junnian, the woman who knows the most women's hearts, to win people’s hearts. From the details, he is ready to love the red jade. The flowers, considerate and warm-hearted acts are indeed too impressed with a woman, so that the overbearing is not lost in the careful, mature and handsome coach, not only smashing red jade, even the audience will be watching it all. The so-called “hero is sad for the beauty off”, and only the smart and decent woman of Ruan Hongyu can grasp the heart of Li Zhongnian. Jiarong Lv will show the psychology and demeanor of the red jade with his face value and acting skills. It seems that Jiarong Lv and Yu Bo This is really a sense of CP.

There is a good saying, as long as Meng is on the CP, and there is sugar every day. Like Jiarong Lv and Yu Bo, this is a couple of long-skinned “catfish” who know each other and always show off in love. How can Not envy people? If you don't care for the sweet CP, then follow the story below and look forward to more stories!

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