Red fire' starring han aruna as secret agent number two

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Linkeddb News November 14& have spent Recently, the science fiction film "red fire" released a trailer, and announced the location of 11.15, very exciting. Produced by tang xueju, directed and written by Dmitry Kharchuk, ouyang chunxiao, Han ARuNa , zhang rujie, Will Roberts, yu jian and many other powerful actors.

As in one of the few Chinese movie industry is one of the Hollywood film actors guild approved project, a science fiction movie set in the red fire quest and past more imagination than they are now the future of the world, around the artificial intelligence as a whole, shaped lovely beautiful robot Vicky, handsome and rich second generation that has lost its ling, unscrupulous arms dealer Korea, sexy female agent of vicious neon, and a series of character full role, as in the neon of na played Han ARuNa fan watches. As the no. 2 Nina in the film, the villain Nina was sent by Mr Han to play undercover with Luigi. In order to gain the trust of Luigi, he did everything possible to become Luigi's girlfriend after Luigi's memory loss, secretly stealing information.

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Han ARuNa's career took off in March as the only Chinese to be invited to the oscars red carpet. In may, he dazzled at the cannes film festival with his "dragon scales robe," which was released this year. DETECTIVE CHINATOWN II The bride cameo in "HIPSTERS & NBSP;GANGSTERS pov & NBSP;AND GEEKS," the highly acclaimed American series starring a weird host, is complete in English. The film is also expected to be released in North America around Christmas. Han ARuNa's new filmLa Perla,It will also open in Los Angeles on November 26. Expect to see some amazing performances.

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