Leave without saying goodbye' hua wen's character is full of change and expectation.

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In the first half of 2018, the cinema film is very lively, with various themes emerging and romantic fantasy film How Long Will I Love U ", action adventure film ANIMAL WORLD (2008) Dying to Survive "... While the film market is full of hot style, all the major films are also excellent in terms of word-of-mouth box office. However, this year, there is only a lack of road film themes in the market to reflect life on the road. Youth comedy road movie Leave without saying goodbye ", to bring you a different adventure growth journey.

"Leave without saying goodbye. Cheng Zhang Directed, Junfeng Niu , Pax Congo , Jingyan Wu , Xie Yun Shan , Zhao Jian Lei , Hua Wen The film is about four young boys who, on the eve of their graduation from college, bid farewell to their youth with an adventure full of unknown and challenges and start a new life.Cheng Zhangwrote the screenplay Crazy Stone, ", which won the best original screenplay award at the 43rd golden horse awards in Taiwan. Since then,Cheng Zhanghas been involved in the creation of several films, such as crazy racing and HeartForHeaven "And so on. In "Leave without saying goodbye", directorCheng Zhangchose to cooperate with a group of new generations of actors, among which the new actorHua Wenalso performed excellently, leaping over the screen a youthful image, and his acting skills were solid and natural.

This time,Hua Wenplays second woman shan in "Leave without saying goodbye."Hua Wenadmits that her role is a bit stressful because she is a free and independent new girl with her own ideas. Looking at Hua Wen's former characters, most of them are sunny and warm. However, in "Leave without saying goodbye", the difference betweenHua Wenand her former characters is surprising: this is actually Hua Wen.Hua Wenhas the rare super plasticity of the new generation of actors, constantly breaking the audience's impression of their own characters and striving to present their diversity to the audience.

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Those who like watching dramas are no strangers to Hua Wen, who has both good looks and acting skills.Hua Wengraduated from the acting department of Beijing film academy. Summer this Summer Hua Wen plays the female host's best friend "Yeats", a warm and intellectual girl who is loved by netizens and dubbed "China's best friend" for her excellent acting. In the movie" ShengRuXiaHua Hua Wen stars as heroine zhou Ning Sun The characters span from campus to society, from astringency to maturity.

On September 14, the road movie "Leave without saying goodbye", which belongs to the post-90s generation, was released nationwide. It is believed that Hua Wen, who has excellent acting skills and appearance, will be recognized by the audience through his own strength. What kind of girl doesHua Wenlook like in the film? Who will you be emotionally involved with? Let's find out together at the cinema.

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