Little woman under the sun door' countdown to the finale

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Linkeddb News November 9& have spent Recently, the TV series Little woman under the sun door With its two sets at the top of the ratings, the ups and downs of the plot have made the audience unable to stop, so they can't help but follow the emotions of the characters. As the series draws to a close, the final fate of each character is also affecting the audience, especially by Joe big Wei As "fan jinyou", in the latest episode, because the son so bad, the plot to his wife Chen xuelu. Some netizens commented: "being a demon for a lifetime, and finally do not stop."

The makeup of old age triggers the audience to sigh with emotion that time passes and people want to do their best for children in their old age

Fan jinyou in addition to continue to "make the demon" caused the audience's attention, the play's elderly makeup has also aroused a wide discussion on the Internet. The gray hair, the thick eye bag, the air of the Beijing small ye thoroughly became the capital city "old gun son", the net friend is angry its heart bad, on the other side again ache him, the bullet screen in succession message: "oh, gold have all so old, looking how sad." "There are bags under the eyes. Time is really gone." In the play, fan jin has been living under the restriction of women all his life, from being chastened by his mother to pursuing xu huizhen to run into a wall, and finally married with Chen xuelu, can only fu sing along with women. Entering the old age of life, fan jinyou finally wanted to break free from the control, he will for his son fan xiaojun fight hard, want to trip Chen xuelu, capture the power of the company, we wait and see whether the success.

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The show's cooking skills become home sunshine boy countdown to thank the audience and congratulations Hairong Tian Happy birthday,

Yesterday, Joe big Wei in a blue flower pattern sweater BTV's program "warm taste", the whole person appears gentle and lovely, the incarnation of the chef cook for the audience, highlighting home sunshine boy style. Different from the shrewdness of "Little woman under the sun door", Joe big Wei in the show is humorous and funny and has a good command of the art of the kitchen. The last hot sauerkraut made the audience salivate. "Little woman under the sun door" ended shortly before the third day of the finale, when Hairong Tian was born. As the show's husband, Joe big Wei sent out a wish on his microblog: "may there be years to look back on, but only love is a white head.

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"Little woman under the sun door" will be officially closed on November 10. Will he have a reconciliation between Chen xuelu and xu huizhen? Please lock Beijing satellite TV, jiangsu satellite TV, tencent video and iQIYI on time.

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