Sun li has a rare son who has three children.

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Sun Li Ever since I retired from the entertainment industry, I have been staying at home with my husband and children Jimmy Lin, The wife Chen Ruo yi - Sun Li's daily life is a bit monotonous, and she is rarely seen as a real housewife except for Posting children's daily photos on her micro blog.


Fortunately, Huang Lei Although the two have been married for more than 20 years,Huang Leidid not letSun Licook once. When she could not cook for them when she went out to work, she asked them to take charge of their daily meals. The image of a good man has been praised by many netizens.


There is no lack of good men in the entertainment industry, butHuang Leiis widely recognized by netizens today Danfeng Zhang Huang Lei's advantages include that he only keeps close to his wife and children on a daily basis, and even that most of his work on weibo is about his daughters' daily life.


Huang Lei, who usually rests at home, is like a small house man. He often stays at home to watch TV or play withSun Liand duo duo duo and sisters. Huang Lei, whose son and daughter only have a daughter, is teased for forgetting the existence of a third child.


In fact,Huang Leihas been trying to bring out his son from the perspective of his sister since the birth of his third child last year. However, he was laughed at by netizens for fear that he would admit publicly on the variety show that he wanted to have three sisters.


Later,Huang Leiseldom talked about any topic about his son. As duo duo and Huang shaoai became more and more popular on the Internet,Huang LeiandSun Ligradually talked about their son this year, presumably because they wanted him to grow up in a normal environment.


Huang Lei, who left his son to visit his home in Beijing, went out of his way to express his guilt to his son. However, his younger brother is still too young to travel with him. Of course,Huang Leidoesn't want him to go


Recently,Sun Lican't help Posting her third child on the Internet. Of course, she brings out her younger brother from the perspective of her younger sister.


Sun Li said: "the younger brother cannot drink the milk, the younger sister must not waste."

Looking at the full praise of the sister's industry and frugality, but know the sister's friends know that the sister is actually a foodie, not even brother's milk powder.


Although Huang shaoai is cute and trendy, when it comes to the rare mention of the third child, netizens are paying attention to the rare younger brother, and even more surprisingly, some netizens think thatHuang Leiand Sun Li's "younger brother" is their dog!



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