The status of celebrities who have been sponsored by the online drama Flora Cheong-Leen Peter Raquel Hu Yitian

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Net drama has developed rapidly in the past two years. Compared with the more compact narrative rhythms and more creative story topics of traditional TV dramas, net drama has become a more mainstream viewing style for the younger generation. Flora Cheong-Leen and Peter rely on Prince Princess promotions. “in mind ” became popular overnight, Zhang Yishan and Raquel became popular with “ Y u Z UI ”. Yueming Pan relied on White Night’s career, Spring , and Hu Yitian quickly became popular with “Little Beauty ”. Their Success is also a reversal of the aesthetic fatigue of the national drama market.

Flora Cheong-Leen and Peter have starred in the series "Prince Princess promotions in mind", starring in a series of films and television series such as " I Belonged to You ", " Legend of The Demon Cat ", " Martial Universe " and " " Love Evolutionism " and other play-size screens, one on the road to the TV drama masters, such as " Beautiful Li HuiZhen ", " The general is up ", " Ten miles field picking up flowers ", " King of the Pacific God" "And so on. Nowadays, Flora Cheong-Leen has successfully promoted and joined the reality show "I am a big detective," and Peter has become a popular niche. The endorsements of various activities are on the go. Both of them have told him to climb.

Zhang Yishan regained his popularity with “Y u Z UI” and was promoted to first-line actor. The “Spring Breezers, Better Than You” and “ Me a ” films starred in the game were highly praised and popular; Wu Ta-You They starred in many dramas, such as " Because I met you ," "Fragrant Rain," etc. Among them, "Because of I met you" also triggered an upsurge of popular drama, and the popularity of Wu Ta-You also grew rapidly; Actress Raquel of “Y u Z UI” has made great achievements in films. After starring in films “ Chasing The Dragon ” and “ Queen of Triads ”, Zhang Yishan, Wu Ta-You and Raquel will star in the new version. "Ding Ji" plays Wei Xiaobao, Jianning Princess and Su Shi in the play.

Yueming Pan In the first season finale, Springming's bizarre smile combined with "Spring and Night", God's acting career in the transition, represents the formal interchange of the identity and destiny of the two brothers, solid professional knowledge. With the logic of narrative, the drama escaped the curse of the end of the Internet drama repertoire and left the suspenseful expectation for the public. Yueming Pan also became popular and invited to join many popular variety shows, such as "Environment," "Everyday," " TheBrain ," " HappyCamp, " and so on.

Hu Yitian took direct promotion from the unknown newcomer to become a popular hit with the online drama “ To our simple little beautiful ”. He then joined the second season of the 24-hour suspense-based reality show, “The Handsome Siblings ”. The male protagonist has no shortage of flowers; Sunset, who is also popular, plays the female lead pineapple dish in the youth romance idol drama “Meteor Garden”. When the episodes are broadcast, the potential of the two men is indispensable.

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