Little joy' first exposure of huang lei hai qing, leader of the three-day high league, preparing for the college entrance exam

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Linkeddb News November 6Produced by lemmon film and co-produced by yili changjiang, Jun Wang Directed by lu yigong, Xiao Ou Xu The realistic drama series Little joy The first "affidavit of the college entrance examination" was released today, exposing the full cast of characters and the sparkle of the new couple. Huang Lei and Hai Qing The pair's quip made people laugh when they opened their mouth. The three groups have different family backgrounds, but all will face the gaokao. The conflict between parents' high expectations and children's free nature has become increasingly intense over the topic of college entrance exams.

 Bring fresh blood to the original people & NBSP; A panoramic display of "family portrait of China's college entrance examination"

As a 2016 realist drama landmark ALoveForSeparation "Little joy" continues director Jun Wang, starring Huang Lei and Hai Qing, the golden "iron triangle" crew, and continues fangyuan (Huang Lei) and tong Wen Chieh (Hai Qing) from the perspective of the couple, this well-known couple of Chinese TV series, tells a new urban story, and presents the "family portrait of China's college entrance examination" in a panoramic way. In the first one, the whole cast is exposed together. Little joy is written by Huang Lei, Hai Qing,Tao Hong (actress-born 1972), Yanhui Wang , Mei Yong Starring, Zhou Qiqi , Lee Geng Xi , Guo Zi Fan ,Liu Qi (born 1957), wu yunling, Fan Xi Xu , Yuexin Wang Star, Yi Sha , Zhong Ren Special appearances. Compared with the previous novel "ALoveForSeparation", "Little joy" has added a lot of fresh blood. It focuses on the stories of families with multiple children, divorced families, and families of officials. The conflicts and watching points during the preparation for the college entrance examination are all escalated.

Zhou Qiqi, Lee Geng Xi, Guo Zi Fan,Liu Qi (born 1957)and wu yunling, all of whom were highly anticipated before the shooting of Little joy, made an official appearance in the trailer. The actors chosen for "Little joy" are the "skit bones" of acting since childhood, and they are also cast as the students of college entrance examination. Representative work of Zhou Qiqi OldBoy "Lee Geng Xi's magnum opus Two hundred million students ",Liu Qi (born 1957)masterpiece "the federation of military engineers", "the first love of a thousand years old man who got married", and wu yunling's masterpiece" Old love song ", Guo Zi Fan is from idol groups X NINE In 2017, he was admitted to Beijing film academy with the highest professional score in the performance department. It is reported that several small actors in "Little joy" performance are all refreshing.

 Huang Lei Hai Qing "mouth gun husband and wife" happy feeling full three groups of different family painting styles

In the film Little joy, the passionate affidavit of the gaokao affidavit immediately brings people back to the senior high school, and a funny line from the borrower (Zhou Qiqi) says: "you see these people, outwardly calm, but in fact, they have already broken down." This leads to all kinds of growing pains that gao sansheng faces. The concern and nagging of parents, in the burst of the balloon, revealed the seemingly irreconcilable estrangement of two generations. At the same time, the studio released a hand-painted poster of "pressure edition", which was rather ironic. The children of the three groups sat at the desk to study nervously, and meanwhile "shouldered" their parents, revealing the pressure faced by the senior three families.

& have spent In the film, the three main families all come together, painted different styles. Fang yifan, a boy with a camera Shouting about his "miserable" life in the third year of high school, gets along well with his irreconcilable mother, Wen Chieh, and his "death-knell" father, fangyuan. With fang yifan childhood and childhood of qiao Lin Haiyin (Lee Geng Xi) parents divorced, and under the pressure of her mother's gold medal physics teacher, Tao Hong (actress-born 1972), appears to be depressed, while his father, qiao weidong (Yi Sha), a businessman, starts to care about his daughter on the eve of the third year of high school. Love racing season Yang Yang Guo Zi Fan (played by Guo Zi Fan) grew up apart from his parents and grew up with his uncle Zheng Liu (Zhong Ren) is very close, but rebellious and aloof, he keeps his father, Yanhui Wang, the district governor, and his mother Jing Liu (Mei Yong) has a headache

& have spent In the play, tong Wen Chieh, in order to prepare better for his son fang yifan and nephew Lin lei 'er, moves his family into the shuxiang yayuan community opposite the school and becomes the tenant and neighbor of his best friend song qian. The couple also rented a house in the same neighborhood from song qian in order to take better care of their son ji Yang Yang's college entrance exam. Meanwhile, sports teacher pan shuai (Yuexin Wang) and niece huang zhitao (wu yunling) of chunfeng middle school also live here, and five classmates are in the class teacher Meng Li (Fan Xi Xu) is leading the charge toward the college entrance examination.

& have spent Huang Lei and Hai Qing are more flexible in their second cooperation after ALoveForSeparation. In the play, the concept of "tong fang CP" which goes online again is quite different from the concept of son education. Hai Qing teaches the child to be a continuous ball gun, while Huang Lei is calm and easy to export, so they are very happy. Tao Hong (actress-born, 1972) and Yi Sha, "the legitimate couple" Yanhui Wang and Mei Yong, also had their own sparks. The three groups of families who became neighbors temporarily represented different circumstances, but had the same level of anxiety when it came to their children's college entrance exams.

 Sharp analysis of education topics directly hit "Chinese" family education pain point

As can be seen from the film, under the fixed proposition of "college entrance examination", Little joy has been involved in sharp social topics, including puppy love among high school students, long-distance college entrance examination, score-only theory, Beijing hukou, sports cars driven by children of officials and other social hot spots, which can be said to be "sharp". The backgrounds of the three families, education concept and so on are very different, each has different worries, also faces various similar perplexities. Independent thought of the candidates and wangzi Jackie Chan The parents of the conflict and collision, can not help people wonder: has the university entrance exam, which has changed the fate of countless people, in the eyes of today's advantaged children, the same important significance?

It is commendable that Little joy has youth's blood and hope in its creation, and it resonates with the collective memory of "college entrance examination". It also reflects the struggles and pains of growing up -- the conflict between personal interests and the pressure of going to school, the estrangement between parents and children after divorce, the lack of parent-child relationship due to busy work The play's precise observation of these education issues is also a sore spot for the "Chinese" family that the creators are trying to touch. Little joy also hopes to discuss with parents how to better connect with new ideas, communicate with new generations and achieve reconciliation between two generations under the changing times, as well as the symbiosis and integration between individuals, families and society. The two generations accept each other, just as Huang Lei said in the dialogue in the play: "the exam is still not up, Little joy is good."

Little joy is very much in play, from the core theme to the values it conveys. After "ALoveForSeparation" set off the topic of the high school entrance examination, "Little joy" will use the topic of the college entrance examination as an insight into the middle-class anxiety and the relationship between parents and children. It is reported that the production company lime meng will also create a focus on children education" Small homes ", which makes up the "education series trilogy", insists on making quality plays and quality plays.


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