Successor plan' staged a critical moment Wang Yanlin drunk confused ashamed Li Li Xin burning

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Directed by Liu Chuang , Wang Yanlin , Li Xin burning , Jiabin Zheng , Haoyu Yang starring Chang Kuo-Chu special starring undercover theme suspense comedy " successor program " Sohu video on the line after a high fever, the film tells the story Li Jinshui , a northeastern bastard starred by Wang Yanlin, encounters his own gang master, Kim Ji- hee , who has become a victim of police inquisition and dramatization. In last week's story, Seven Falcons and the two eastern gangs ushered in a fierce plot against Diablo. Li Jinshui almost lost his life as the main target, while the stories in the latest episode were even more exciting. The undercover identity of Li Jinshui was When Kim found he was trying his best to put him at the mercy of a dead end, a critical moment and a complicated brain-burning plan. Inside the spirits of the ghost undercover identity exposure brain burning in mind Li Jinshui Hukou exit Kim Ji-following brother Kim Ki (Jiabin Zheng) under the men more Jun in the trunk with bugger, Li Jinshui and boss Parkethane ( Haoyu Yang), as well as the dialogue between the dignitaries and granddaughters were all recorded. Li Jinshui's undercover identity is at risk of exposure. In desperation, he made a living, pretending to be arrested, sending an envelope of anthrax when Kim Ji-Jin called his father Jin Shang Wenjie , and Jin Shang Wenjie was restricted in action because of a virus alarm. Jinji following the two younger brothers devoted themselves to many Jun, the Kim Ji-following plans to multi-Jun full out, so Dona Jun was stared, thrown into the trunk, and at this time, Park Bu Alkaline came to the nightclub in the fake junk smash play, mom mulberry gold will be called in, after the performance of paul ethane roll away from the scene. Kim returned to custody of Li Jinshui and found he had escaped. Li Jinshui will be many Jun seized and questioned, and shot the mutiny on the spot, many Jun admitted organ factories, assassination of the Eastern State and other incidents, Li Jinshui took the opportunity to sound recording. Kim Jong-il came to his father in front, Li Jinshui also release the recording, his father was so furious, so that Kim Ki think in the wall. Jun and more because of adverse work was shot on the spot by Kim, collar lunch. The real body appeared to help and disappear after the successor plans to be canceled Li Jinshui eventually In the tiger mouth insurance, we found calm after the disappearance of the gold following the help behind the scenes, the fact is true, Kim subsequently followed. At home, Li Jinshui and Kim Ki-seok finally met each other, and the other side proposed to change their identity. Instead, they instilled their injections and fled again. Shin-chan (Li Xin burning ornaments) was slapped by his father, all business was forced to hand over Seon-woo Park deal, was also banned from going out. Li Jinshui felt that he was about to leave after the mission was completed, called Goodhee goodbye, good Hee unknown. Good Hee, his father plans to help the East to kill each other, but good Xi but could not bear to hurt Kim Ji, tears on the spot. It was informed that the successor program of more than 20 years since Pakpakal was deposed was canceled because of the delay in its success. After the police officer agreed to give it another two days, the successor planning team was under tremendous pressure. When looking for drugs, Li Jinshui drank unexpectedly and nine Aunt went to bed, happened to be good at this time to find him home ... ... Kim after the escape, Li Jinshui will face the truth of good Hee, and successor plan And can continue to perform, more exciting story Please lock Sohu video, male media produced by the "successor program", every Thursday laughing and tears for you to extract!

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