Kai Tan's fourth creation EP “LiveYourLife” is on the line, and it is very grateful to promote the LOHAS life attitude and focus map. Thank you!

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On April 26th, Kai Tan 's 4th new EP “Live Your Life” was launched. EP included 5 songs produced by the two producers, Zheng Nan and Jin Dazhou. Kai Tan meticulously polished five original musical works and expressed Capricorn's attitude of “cool and warm” life. "Live Your Life" live your own life and live your own future!

We tried to measure the world with our feet, but the world was too big to walk too slowly.

Most people can't get there, so there are good words like “far away”.

I slowly discovered that I was not going to go to this entire world but to the world I wanted to go.

The world is "perpetual" everywhere. Surprises are often accompanied by fright.

Occasionally the world is "absurd," and there are monsters in the story of "children's painting."

So we fight for this and we sing for it.

Singing your own world, "Peace Doves" is flying and life is strong.

Let's go, start together and go to the world you want.

ABOUT Live Your Life: 481 days and 21 minutes of music

One year after the album was prepared, Kai Tan took part in the creation of all the songs. From the beginning of 2017, he took part in the filming of the crew. Once he had a leisure time, he would devote himself to creation and constantly absorb the creative elements of the fusion trend. With simple equipment, “computer + microphone + headset” is not easy to write. The song has handed over dozens of demos.

Like original but not closed creative space, influenced by the environment of learning music in MI, Kai Tan also likes to collaborate with different musicians to try and create. Different musicians collide with each other and create unexpected works. The album’s second flagship, “The Impermanence,” has been widely acclaimed since it was co-written by Kai Tan and his own band guitarist Angelababy . “Absurd” is a song written by Hao Wang’s team and Kai Tan. Partners Jin Dazhou and Tu Heng jointly created.

The record vision was photographed by renowned fashion photographer Jumbo Tsang Suk-Nga Tsui. He boldly used contrasts between “blue and red” and “light and dark” to highlight the visual concept of “coolness and enthusiasm”. "Live Your Life" MV continues the concept of plane shooting. It was jointly created by "Feng men's uno Young!" and pioneer artist Jumbo Tsang Suk-Nga Tsui. It instilled all the fantasies and enthusiasm of Kai Tan and used visual images to present a illusion of light and shadow. Music fashion dream. The EP physical record was designed by Ann Thongprasom Sey, a senior recording designer who has collaborated with many artists such as Li Yuchun , Li Xiaoyun , Auntie , and tour groups.

ABOUT Kai Tan: After the 90 Old Man, Buddha Singer

Pay attention to health care, caring for others, adhere to gentle and gentle natural movements; Live up, support public welfare; Not blindly worship the ocean, not deliberately retro, walking between classic and fashion, between the East and the West ... This is the 90 after the "old people" Kai Tan.

2013 Happy Boys made his debut in No. 5, walked through the temperature of time, No. 4 music works, carefully polished for 1 year, included 5 original works, and was officially released on the fifth year of Jessie Li . At the age of 20, juvenile fame is a kind of luck and also a practice. The slow-calming, heart-thinking Capricorn Kai Tan, facing the path of the unsuccessful entertainer, is inward--he constantly refines his temperament and grows introspectively with keen observation; outward--he calmly confronts doubts and misunderstandings. Live at the moment, insist on passing the positive energy of the "red scarf."

In 2017, singer Kai Tan continued to tour with the magic charcoal band. He planned the theme and released the most confident live strength on the stage.

In 2017, actor Kai Tan first started as an actor and played " Jason Zhentao" A brother in "Brothers Class" based on the Wenner Band.

In 2017, boss Kai Tan founded the "dreamnotes-dream weaving music" music label. As a boss, he served as a creator who loves music as much as he himself and delivers quality works for the music market.

In 2017, creative person Kai Tan wrote, composed, and sang the original "Authentic" song. As the second record of the album, he was recognized by the industry. He was repeatedly recommended on the Internet Yi Yun Music Home page and was selected as a big movie episode.

From 2014 "There is a power called Fool," 2015 "Eve's Apple," 2016 "Drugs" to the 4th piece of music "Live Your Life" that spans 2017-2018, at the beginning of the song "Don't listen to anyone "A little grown up boy", after five years of time, he became seemingly gentle, but his heart was still fiery, going to the world he wanted.

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