Adia chan' mamma mia!

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Linkeddb News November 19 On the night of November 16, the world-class classic musical"Mamma Mia!The first performance of guangzhou grand theater, Adia Chan Interprets the protagonist Donna Mills Singing skills and acting received praise from the audience, with the creators of a audio-visual feast.

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Adia Chan emotional interpretation twice pokes the audience to tears

Donna Mills, the single mother played by Adia Chan, who raises her daughter but meets three ex-boyfriends who may be her biological father on the eve of her wedding, setting off a series of hilarious stories. Over the course of more than two hours, Adia Chan has created a full-bodied, three-dimensional persona: the boy-girl vibe, the boy-boy swagger, the tender attachment to her daughter and the struggle with her three ex-boyfriends.

Adia Chan as Donna Mills. JPG

It is worth mentioning that when dressing up for her married daughter, Adia Chan's song "slipping through the fingertips" was graceful and moving, singing all the mother's reluctance to her daughter, bringing the audience to tears, and the scene was filled with weeping. A scene from a dispute with ex-boyfriend Sam TheLastWomenStanding The film, which sings of heartache and determination, complains about the pain it has suffered over the years, and makes it the second "tear drop" of the night, much to the audience's dismay.

Adia Chan draws audience to tears. JPG

The audio-visual feast gave a loud round of applause to Adia Chan

During the performance, Adia Chan's performance and voice received many applause and cheers from the audience. When she returned to the show, she sang the classic song "Mamma Mia!" with two friends, and the Dancing Queen brought the atmosphere to a climax again. The audience gave a standing ovation to accompany the music Dancing. Adia Chan and his co-creators bowed to the audience, and the atmosphere was warm and applause.

Adia Chan to open voice again. JPG

Behind the successful debut in guangzhou is the intensive training in the past three months. Adia Chan is even more practiced to speak lines in dreams, "close your eyes, mind is full of melody" his professional dedication can be seen. The tour of the musical "Mamma Mia!" will begin in different cities. Keep your eyes on the audiovisual feast brought by Adia Chan!

Adia Chan emotional interpretation. JPG

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