The Off the list of emergency' theme song 'Finally Love' Ella Fitzgerald Postpartum's premiere movie theme song

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Ella Fitzgerald's perfect post-production vocal interpretation of the song " Off the list of emergency " theme song "Finally Love". This spring love song, created by Wu Yiwei, the lyricist of “Van Gou Dancer” and “Little Lucky” composer People also ask C, was referred to by netizens as a “lucky fortune”. This movie starring Dong Zijian , Elane Zhong , and Jessie Li , and #420 Off the list of emergency movie #90 will also land on theaters. It is amazing to use the routine to completely subvert the imagination.

Produced by Leste Chen and directed by Kevin Ko , Dong Zijian, Elane Zhong and Jessie Li's romantic comedy "Off the list of emergency" will be released nationwide on April 20, 2018. In the previous roadshow, the film won the unanimous affection of critics and viewers. It was called the "Best Love Guide" and has a lot of "unconventional laughter and idioms." Empathy." Today, the film once again exposed the final theme of “The Last Love” by Ella Fitzgerald's post-production movie, revealing the ultimate connotation of “no more routines than a true heart” in the movie.

Begins with an accidental "final love" Ella Fitzgerald People also ask to teach you brave with singing

The happy little woman Ella Fitzgerald gave a gorgeous return after the birth and sang the theme song "Off the list of emergency". Together with the lyricist Wu Yiwei and "Little Lucky" composer People also ask C, "Dream Flower" and "Van Go Dance". Create "Finally Love". From the old boyish girl to the little woman who sighed with love, Ella Fitzgerald's change is not limited to the transformation of the style character, but also the more perfect vocals. Ella Fitzgerald uses the melodious lines of healing, gentle but not artificial, and interprets the nature of love with affection. Her voice full of sense of life and story is subtle, but it has the temperature of life and accompanied us. She sang more than just the relationship between Guan Xin and He Xiaoyang in the film, but also slowly told her feelings. Just like the lyrics, "If you don't start with an accidental misunderstanding, you may miss us forever and finally understand that you will meet me. It is to teach me love. It is to teach me that I can have the courage to be loved, and from a few hundred million hearts wait for a miracle. I found that you had already been in my life." All the wonderful encounters have never met one another. All the best pursuits have never been deliberately arranged. All the love techniques have failed to achieve a brave heart. In addition, Ella Fitzgerald also participated in the talent show “Creation 101” and served as a vocal tutor. Over the years, the vocals have been refined and refined, escorting new women’s groups and opening up new musical journeys.

Exceeding Imagination After 90's Collective Spring Dream Reality Index Recreating "Offline Version of OurTimes "

In the movie “Off the list of emergency”, single-year-old gas brother He Xiaoyang (Dong Zijian) became an anecdote because she accidentally shared the campus with “big sister” Guan Xin (Elane Zhong). In order to get rid of He Xiaoyang, Guan Xin did his best to help him pursue another girl, Li Shushu (Jessie Li). In this process, Guan Xin distilled out the chase for love, and met, communicated, pursued, tested, and advertised in a mathematical way. He Xiaoyang discovered that subtle calculations are no more than a real concern. . Many film critics have stated that the routine and genuineness in the film “completely subvert the imagination”, as the “Fang Jun recommended film” puts it: Compared to “The cause youth ”, it’s a lot of shy and shame-edged ball closer to the “predecessor”. To put it bluntly, it is the same youthful comedy as the American Pie for young men and women to project the fantasy of love and sex.

In addition to a large number of routines, the true heart of the movie has become the biggest winner. Critics commented on “The Grandfather Night Knight”: When everyone thinks that love can lay down his body before money and flesh, the sinker who can never count is swaying the soul of the applicator and discovers that the love itself Is the master of calculating other people. The “shameless and not bastard” also means that on the way out of singles, no, on the road of love, the final discovery still respects the heart, and all the love skills are not comparable to “a true heart.” On the surface, it is a sexual comedy, but Has a very simple, innocent kernel. In this setting, in conjunction with Ella Fitzgerald's lyrics, “I always thought that it was how beautiful I would teach you how to love,” and at the end it was discovered that “meeting you is to get back my love,” such a heart-felt dedication, people can not help but think of The triangular relationship in OurTimes gradually unveiled the touching atmosphere in the movie kernel with the post-90s love theme.

The movie "Off the list of emergency" will be officially released on April 20. It is reported that the movie “Off the list of emergency” theme song “Finally Love” performed by Ella Fitzgerald will be produced by music strategy partners: Run Monster (Running Monster (Beijing) Cultural Entertainment Co., Ltd.) and Huayan International. Today officially launched, the same day the movie will be released on the same day as the original soundtrack of the same name on April 20th in the country's major music platforms, more exciting, so stay tuned.

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