Yao Chen responds to cosmetic rumors: little mouth or small mouth mouth [map]

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Yao Chen

On March 22nd, Yao Chen's studio Yao Tan responded with a humorous video. "I heard I had a facelift? Are you trying to praise me and be beautiful? Is that big eye or big eyes, small mouth or small mouth? mouth."

Yao Chen participated in the activity was questioned cosmetic surgery

Recently, there are rumors that Yao Chen has a facelift because she has not shown up for a few days. She has participated in activities recently, her makeup is exquisite and her temperament is outstanding. Faced with doubts, Yao Chen Studios posted a video on March 22nd.

Before this, there was news from the media that he hadn't shown up for a long time after giving birth to her second baby Jasmine. Recently, she appeared in an activity interview. She actually changed. Not only does she look much more beautiful, but also more and more like Angela Chang ? Looking back at Yao Chen's previous styling, many people said she had a facelift.

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