Zhilei xin brand ramen was ridiculed by the media: haidilao senior staff lurking in the entertainment industry?

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Zhilei Xin The brand ramen was teased by the media: haidilao senior staff lurking in the entertainment industry?

Recently, the popular TV drama Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace In "Zhilei Xin", a dance, accompanied by music, was parodied as "xinramen". Some media said, look at this look and action, ramen level has reached this realm, not worthy of the ramen ghost jinyuyan! Zhilei Xin, are you a senior employee working undercover in the entertainment industry?Zhilei Xinbrand ramen was also posted on the hot search, a netizen in an uproar.

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Some netizens said: "the only female master who has dancing skills in ramen industry", "can be said to be very image", "the picture looks quite funny, but Zhilei Xin's acting skills in Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace", "such style ofZhilei Xincan not be obsessed, this will not be the authentic ramen xishi in the legend"

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At the same time, there are some mischievous, congratulations to the entertainment industry snack team xiti new members. Before a Ma Ke Xiaotong Guan Fancy pull, G.E.M. (singer) Eat barbecue, Hua Chenyu Salt, wei gem eating noodles, now isZhilei Xinbrand ramen, next should expect which kitchen god?

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"I didn't sleep well for a month for this dance Why did you do this to me? Between words, there is a slight grievance. The net friend shout directly, because love you; I like you no matter how bad you are. I don't know if there is any comfort in the goddess's heart.

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Zhilei Xin was born Black Dragon In an ordinary family in hegang city, jiang province, the father is paralyzed in bed and the mother cannot go out to work. She picked up the family burden early. She graduated from the central academy of drama . In 2011, acted in the TV drama ThePaintedSkin ", thus the official debut. In 2012, he received attention for his role in the romantic drama "just in love with you" . Since then, she has appeared in many excellent films and TV series, such as Wang DaHuas revolutionary career "," Gigantic "," Crosscurrent "," BrotherhoodofBlades "," Fights Break Sphere "," Love Love "Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace and more. She came out with her own air. She looked a bit demure but actually had a strong heart. She showed all the characters incisively and vividly, as well as her strong acting skills, attracting countless fans.

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"The birth of an actor" is a show with a lot of powerful actors. For instance Yiwei Zhou , Tianlin Zhai , Shu Chang (actress) Zhilei Xin, of course. Zhilei Xin's participation in the birth of the actor is the second career. Zhilei Xin, in addition to his dignified appearance, appeared in the program TheMessage "," RaisetheRedLantern "Or" The golden branch wants to be "Is a remarkable performance. "Shuangyan" online her role is full of tension and power, her emotional ups and downs of the moment to the audience into the scene, and attracted a large number of fans.

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