The 2018 asian beauty hot ba jun ji hyun - du juan lin yun 맹 미 기, meng mei qi ju jingyi,

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Star connection September 6The girls who can be called "Asia's most beautiful women" all have their own unique features, or beautiful looks, or excellent temperament. Dilraba Dilmurat , Jun Ji hyun - , Choo Ja hyun - , Liu Yifei , Du Juan , Lin Yun, , Raquel , 맹 미 기, Meng Mei Qi , Jie Zhou Joan , Ju Jingyi, (the ranking is not in order) and so on, these 10 female stars have their own merits, making people hard to choose.


Hot ba bright Jun ji-hyun beautiful Choo ja-hyun quietly elegantLiu YifeinaturalDu Juanclassical

Dilraba Dilmurat is a girl from xinjiang with a mixed feeling. Her overall outline is profound. Her eyes seem to hide a piece of starry sky. Jun ji-hyun is a rare natural beauty in the Korean entertainment industry. With delicate temperament, picturesque eyebrows, and beautiful features, you will gradually be attracted by her appearance.


Just looking at Choo ja-hyun can't tell that she is Korean. She has both the temperament of Korean beauties and the kindness and tenderness of Chinese women. The beauty ofLiu Yifeilies in its natural freshness, perfect proportion of facial features, small face and straight nose, long white skin and long legs, and a shallow smile all beating the typical beauty. In addition to the classical Oriental beauty,Du Juanalso has the air of modern independent women. Every twinkle and smile is with the temperament of iceberg beauty, which is incomparable to beauty.

Lin Yun leng yanRaquelshen hui 맹 미 기, Meng Mei Qi fairy Jie Zhou Joan delicate Ju Jingyi, sweet

Lin Yun's temperament is cold and noble, which gives people a kind of regret and beauty like first love. Like Cinnabar mole in the heart of a boy, tingting and jade stand is a beautiful painting standing there. The appearance and temperament ofRaquelis also a very magical existence. From the front, it looks simple and innocent without any sharp edges, while from the side, it is cold and gorgeous with graceful charm. The absolute weapon of life is absolutely lethal.


맹 미 기, Meng Mei Qi is always shining on stage, wen wan and sexy, secondary yuan hair color of her skin white and delicate, pure and fresh and free from vulgarity temperament is the fairy fairy; Jie Zhou qiong has a harmonious proportion of facial features, big and bright eyes. The whole person looks not aggressive but delicate, and has a clear and refined temperament. Ju Jingyi, known as "the most beautiful woman in Asia", has been praised for her sweet looks, slim figure and beautiful singing.

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