Revenge Behemoth' Johnson announced the future of China! Wu Jing (actor) video appears as a boulder hits Call

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The " Revenge Behemoth " directed by Brad Peyton, directed by " San Andreas ", will be launched on April 13th in the national theater and will be released in North America. Officials officially announced that they will be flying in Shanghai from April 8th to April 9th ​​to participate in movie promotion activities. Then the Chinese fans can play with this humorous and funny guy. At the same time, the film exposed a new trailer. Surprisingly, the Chinese actor Wu Jing (actor) was pleasantly surprised at the opening of the preview and called for the “good buddies” Johnson. He not only teaches Johnson to speak Chinese, but also does not Forget about a joke, the two tough guys humorous interaction, but also set off the audience for the film's warm expectations.

Wu Jing (actor) unexpectedly appeared on the call and Johnson's Naughty is now learning Chinese.

The latest preview of the “Big Rock Rescue” prelude opens with Wu Jing (actor) surprise! The famous Chinese action star who created the "Wolf Warriors" series, and Hollywood's most popular tough guys, sympathize with him and call him enthusiastically. Wu Jing (actor) said that she is very happy that the new film of his brother James Johnson will be released in China, and Johnson, who is about to come to Shanghai for publicity, specially invited Chinese to Wu Jing (actor). "Hello Chinese, I'm very happy." It's back! Hello in Shanghai, my new movie "Revenge Behemoth" is going to be released soon, hoping to bring you happiness!" The task, let Wu Jing (actor) teach him how to use Chinese to say "Dang Sen is the sexiest man in the world". As a result Wu Jing (actor) also "skinned" for a moment. At last he taught the Johnson: "Wu Jing ( "Actor" is more sexy than Jung-Sam Mori!" I have to say that the two tough guys' humorous "repertoire" has added to the expectations of the movie.

Orangutan is suffering from pain and suffering

Trailleader George Silverback ape grows at night and suffers from suffering. The zoologist Davies, played by Dashiqiang Johnson, saves the old friend from morning to day and embarks on a journey to find the truth and save the world. A group of beasts detonate. The last catastrophe struck... This new preview witnessed the deep “brotherliness” that crossed the species between zoologist Davies played by Dashiqiang Johnson and the silverback orangutan George. The sudden change allowed George to grow up overnight. "What happened to my friend?" Davis ran around with questions and vowed to find the truth to save his friend George! The warm scene of “Tough Guy Tekken” and “Super Titan Boxing” in the trailer made people feel the sincere friendship from the screen and never stop fighting for you! What kind of destiny will usher in an old friend among the ruins of black smoke? Only look for the answer in the feature film.

Growing up is not just the George Beast settling

In the trailer, as Naomi's genetic scientist reminded him, "and not just him," a giant crocodile with huge teeth suddenly opened his eyes and his fierce pupil looked frightened. At the same time, the variation of the wolf wing plus giant wolf flying bite helicopters, George changed the temperament has also run out of the city tearing up the demolition of buildings, the beasts set to destroy the city tirelessly, the bustling ruins become shocking. Humans send the strongest team, high-tech hot weapons firepower, and more stealth bombers high-powered ready! Dousan Johnson took to the rescue, struggling to resist the monster attacks while also seeking the road to salvation... Giant wolf giants struck, the city was ruined and shocking, human fate fell to the bottom, and finally the same giant rock gorilla can Take the road to fight side by side? Can old friends still return to their days and days? Waiting for the shock on April 13th, of course, we can also expect Johnson to come to China to share the "save the gorilla" experience!

Directed by Brad Peyton and directed by stars such as Donne Johnson , Naomie Harris , Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Joe Manganiello , the Hollywood Monster Cataclysm "Revenge Behemoth" will enter the national theater on April 13 and will be released in North America.

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