Tong dawei yue guan model couple on red carpet awarded public welfare ambassador

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Linkeddb News December 5& have spent On the evening of December 4, the 15th annual Mr. Grand ceremony hosted by Esquire, the top fashion men's magazine in China, was held in Beijing Tong Dawei , Yue Guan Invited to appear. Hawkes double-breasted suit with Tod's loafers and Chopard Chopard watch handsome appearance, Yue Guan wore a one-word shoulder flounce dress with diamond family earrings elegant and intellectual. With the outstanding performance in the field of social welfare in 2018, Tong Dawei and Yue Guan were awarded the "charity ambassador" award. Tong Dawei made a speech and Shared what he had seen and thought about upholding public welfare for many years. Tong Dawei said: "thanks are the most heard along the way, but actually those who do public welfare are the biggest beneficiaries of public welfare."

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As a public welfare representative, Tong Dawei delivered a speech on the spot, recalling the way of public welfare for many years and touching the audience. During a trip to pingshan three years ago, Tong Dawei still remembers that "an ordinary apple was held in the hand of a little girl and she was reluctant to eat it. She held it all the way across the mountains and left it to her adoptive father". Tong Dawei said of his visit to shanxi in September this year, Tong Dawei felt even more distressed. "seventy percent of the 102 children in the school did not see the birthday cake, and one 5-year-old even ate the froth plate of the cake by mistake." At the scene, Tong Dawei said frankly that in the face of her daughter's question -- what is distressed? Do you get gifts for doing charity work? Once he did not know how to explain it, but now he will tell his daughter: "love is a red apple on the half foam plate. On the way to do the public welfare, you will hear many thanks to you, but one day you will understand that the people who do the public welfare are actually the biggest beneficiaries of the public welfare.

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Tong Dawei Yue Guan has always been actively involved in social welfare undertakings. Among them, there are the "light and dream" project to help cataract patients in Tibet, the self-improvement class project to help poor high school students, and they serve as the UN women's country goodwill ambassador and the UN women's agency respectively People also ask ForShe advocates to promote the positive guidance of gender equality. In April this year, they visited poor high school students for the fourth time and went to huoqiu, anhui province. In September, as ambassadors of love, they crossed the four-hour mountain road and walked into Lv Liang mountain area of Shanxi Province to accompany left-behind children. In the same period, with their help, 200 cataract operations were carried out in Tibet as scheduled. In November, Tong Dawei and Yue Guan went to yilong, sichuan province to conduct poverty alleviation research. Tong Dawei and Yue Guan said they would continue to help more people and hope more and more people would benefit from this honor.

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