Have all the films starring honglei sun and xu zheng (actor) starring in huang bo been deleted?

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China's film and television industry has been developing rapidly in recent years, with many actors performing and leading, and the huge box office sales of exported films, making more actors eager to be directors.

When it comes to actors who perform well, it's natural to say so Xu Zheng (actor) ", the name ofXu Zheng (actor)is quite impressive.Xu Zheng (actor)has played a lot of movies and TV shows since his debut. There are many excellent films and TV shows. Overall,Xu Zheng (actor)is a very good actor.

"Lost in Thailand," the first film directed by Xu Zheng (actor), was a hit and a hit, earning 1.1 billion yuan at the box office. LostInHongkong ", which took the box office one step higher, reached 1.6 billion yuan. More successful than many famous directors in China.

Compared with Xu Zheng (actor), Chen Sicheng His character is not very good, and he did not do very good work as an actor. However, he was very successful in directing the TV series for the first time. BeiJingLoveStory "Was a remarkable achievement. Later,Chen Sichengtook advantage of the hot iron to direct the film of the same name, BeiJingLoveStory, and also achieved good results. Two films directed by Chen Sicheng, after two consecutive attempts at sweetness DetectiveChinTang "And" The DETECTIVE CHINATOWN II ", which went on to become a hot style movie, brought him billions of dollars at the box office.


Xu Zheng (actor) andChen Sichenghave achieved great success in directing Huang Bo Also the heart itches badly, the decision also makes a movie to prove oneself ability.

Huang Bo first directed this play called A good show ", which tells the story of a group of company employees who escape to a deserted island after encountering a shipwreck.Huang Bonot only works as a director, but also performs in the film. He not only plays himself in the play, but also brings in a lot of first-line actors to help him, including the real actors Hewei Yu And the ability to be funny Wang Baoqiang .


As for the appearance level, it is impossible forHuang Boto play the role of Huang Bo, who invitedHuang Boto improve the appearance level index of the film Shu Qi and Lay (entertainer) Cast. In addition to handsome men and women, Huang also invited old acquaintances Wang Xun And the old drama bones Qinqin Li In the film, guests flee.

"A good show" will be released on August 10. It remains to be seen whether the film will bring about a career change for Huang Bo.

It is worth mentioning thatXu Zheng (actor)and Xu Zheng (actor) Honglei Sun She also starred in the debut film directed by Huang Bo. However, it is said that both of them had their parts cut off. In the face of outside doubt,Huang Bogave the answer when he attended the variety show.


Huang Bo joked that sun and xu played better than the leading actors, and that if they stayed in the film, it would be a big deal.


Huang Bo also revealed thatXu Zheng (actor)andHonglei Sunasked him the reason why the scenes were deleted, and he pushed back his words. He mentioned that they were not paid to Sun and Xu for filming at the beginning, so it was not wrong to cut off their scenes. It is not known whether Sun and Xu's plays have been completely cut off. Maybe this is just a kind of sensationalism. Maybe when the movie is released, you will find that Xu Zheng andHonglei Sunare still in the film and there are a lot of dramas.

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