Being spoof! deng lun wears a pink dress as best man, laughing happily.

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Be fun!!! Deng Lun Wear pink skirt when best man laugh happy net friend: picture wind too beautiful not to bear to look at

Deng Lun attended his friend's wedding in shijiazhuang as best man, and wore a pink dress with a shy face, according to media reports.Deng Lunis believed to have been misused to eat chili and his face was distorted. But he also laughed so happily that netizens praised him.

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Some net friends cried: "beautiful dead", "such a handsome groomsman, envy bridesmaids", "painting style too beautiful, do not bear to look directly at" although not shijiazhuang, but to shijiazhuang very emotional ah, he and hair small relationship is very strong, so busy to take time back to attend a good brothers wedding "and so on

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Some netizens joked: "the groom is not afraid of the groomsman stole his show", "we feng wa today not to rush relatives, wearing the little pink skirt as the groomsman"... At the same time, there was also some relief slightly hurt Deng Lun: he finally smiled again, and laugh very happy, too envious.

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A few days ago,Deng LunpushedDeng Lunto the hot search because of the matter that he was immediately deleted by the second aid conference, causing a storm without warning. Red is better than black. According to media reports,Deng Lunwas attacked by a plate of burritos at his studio diss. Netizen straight shout: heartache Deng Lun. Internet users ran intoDeng Lunat the airport and it appeared that Deng had no smile on his face. This time, fans were relieved to see their best man in a pink dress and laughing so happily. Gossip, like smoke and dust, often goes unchallenged. In fact, the stars in the entertainment industry, generally will be rational to deal with various scandals. Deng Lun's resume on weibo contained eight words: "be a good man and seriously act", which showed his wisdom.

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Deng Lun was born in shijiazhuang, hebei province. He is a Chinese actor of film and television. He graduated from the acting department of Shanghai theater academy. In 2012, I acted in my first TV drama Flowers In Fog ", thus formally into the entertainment circle.Deng Lunhas excellent acting skills in The Ode to Joy 2 In the film, xie tong, the singer of rock and roll, is depicted as three-dimensional and vivid, and the changes of the characters' attitudes towards people before and after they fall in love are explained in a vivid and natural way. WithDeng Lunand traffic floret Zi Yang, Starring in the hit drama Ashes of Love/Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst Deng Lun became famous and lost his temper.

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This time, Deng Lun's true feelings at the wedding were also prompted by true love fans. Deng Lun's career has been on the rise, but his feelings are very low key. It is said, Gina Gin Deng Lun's ex-girlfriend. The two met and fell in love. The two were ina relationship untilDeng LunandGina Ginwere photographed traveling together and their relationship was exposed.Gina Ginwas a little famous at the time, butDeng Lunwas still in supporting roles. Perhaps the two were so famous thatDeng Lunwas abused. Later, as the two got together less and more, they eventually parted ways. Now, whileDeng Lunis famous, Gina Gin's career is at a low ebb. WouldGina Ginregret it? However, the editor also expects Deng Lun's career to get better and better, and soon find a life partner.

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