Fantastic Trilogy' started Wuershan devotes himself to creating Chinese heroic myth epic

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On the morning of March 22, the mythical epic film “Feng Shen Trilogy” held a groundbreaking ceremony for the start of the Chaoge scene in Lingshan Bay, Qingdao, and officially began construction of the Chaoge scene. 800 acres of land, 30,000 meters studio, announced the "God Trilogy" full start! Directed by Wuershan , the chief producer Du Yang , art director Timmy Yip , photography director Wang Hao and other creative entrepreneurs attended the groundbreaking ceremony. "God Trilogy" wants to use realism to restore the masterpiece of the Chinese classic mythical novel " Senkaiden Hôshinengi " where the great business dynasty is magnificent, prosperous unprecedented Chaoge City, to create belongs to the Chinese people's heroic myth epic.

Five Songs in the Chaoyin Night Strings, and eight hundred princes in the Assassin Mountain” are fine songs for the restoration of historical records in the Chaoge City. Wuershan and his team have visited many museums and historic sites in Henan, Shaanxi, and Shanxi. Strive to achieve a perfect display of the long history of Chinese civilization. At the groundbreaking ceremony, Wuershan director said: “I hope everyone will maintain their morale and overcome all difficulties because we are doing something that others have not done, we must meet the challenge that others have never experienced, and we must never have experienced it. The pay will be truly successful."

Wuershan rebuilt classical legend to be the grandest Chinese hero myth epic “Pioneer”

Senkaiden Hôshinengi is a well-known folklore in China. It is based on local history and national culture. It has continued to innovate and diverge for more than 2,000 years. It has finally become a splendid and splendid Chinese civilization. The fantasy world becomes the literary work of the classic mythic epic. Wuershan has repeatedly stated that the story of “Senkaiden Hôshinengi” is deeply fascinated by him. He wants to be an epic of Chinese heroic mythology and tells a story about the theme of good and evil. To this end, Wuershan will melt together Chinese cultural traditions, contemporary film technology, and current audience needs to create a work that represents the Chinese's own history, culture, and aesthetics. In addition, Wuershan would use a grand piece of work called “Feng Shen Trilogy” to fill gaps in Chinese mythology epic poetry, explore the modernization and film narrative path of traditional Chinese history and culture, and make Chinese films in a typed narrative. A pioneer.

"Feng Shen Trilogy" is the first epic trilogy of heroic myth in the history of Chinese-language films. It is also the first film to create a three-part continuous shooting mode. Du Yang, the chief producer, also stated at the foundation stone: The preparation of the script for Trilogy has entered its fourth year, and it has been two years since the filming was prepared. Today, the construction of the main scene has finally started in Qingdao. In today's land of Chaoge City, I am more convinced that we are creating history. All the people who participated in this movie, your name will be included in the history of Chinese films."

Creating China's "Myth of Heroic Myths" "Feng Shen Trilogy" is assembling the world's top team

In order to build this “heroic mythic epic” of China with a huge worldview, The Trilogy of the Gods brings together a top-notch creative team that is unprecedented in Chinese film history, directed by Wuershan, supervised by William Kong , and Du Yang as the chief producer. Barrie M. Osborne, film producer of "The Lord of the Rings", is a production consultant. Screenplay by former team " PaintedSkin2 " screenwriter of the Ping Ran , Ran Jianan again jointly writing, Chinese filmmakers recognized playwright grade teacher Ting Wei Lu , and Ang Lee Gold partner James Schamus co-script as a consultant, different from the East and West The perspective provides literary advice for this myth. For the visual team, Douglas Hans-Smith, the renowned artist Timmy Yip, who served as the art director and won the 53rd Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award for Best Visual Effects with the “ Mojin-The Lost Legend ”, served as Visual Effects Director and once worked with Tian Zhuangzhuang . Lou Ye , Jia Zhangke , Ann Hui and other outstanding directors collaborated as the director of photography. It is believed that this team, which has integrated the top talents in the field of film and art in the East and West, has been devoting many years of painstaking efforts and will surely be able to create a magnificent epic control of the Chinese hero myth. It is believed that Wuershan, the director who had created the wave of “Oriental New Magic” in the Chinese-language movie, can once again complete pioneering initiatives in the Chinese film industry system.

The movie "Feng Shen Trilogy" was launched in June 2014. It has entered the preparatory stage since September 2016. It has starred men and women in the global sea election since February 2017. Currently, the selected actors perform in Beijing for a period of six months. Closed training. The film is planned to be shot from 2018 to 2019 and is expected to be released in 2020, 2021 and 2022 respectively.

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