Angel voice' went down as new model koala liu playing and brainwashing west coast rock

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Linkeddb News October 18& have spent After The original single "The Babysitter" was released in July, angel voice Koala Liu It is the first time to try the west coast rock music style, and the creative play is lively.

New single don't know the pain is a French girl texture Koala Liu launched since the beginning of the year the first 4 individual original works, producer at the beginning of the first demo to hear that, I feel the song with the culvert passing style very different, so bold let han first attempt style restoring ancient ways is very rock arrangements in the west bank of the United States, thought han also said deduce it works a moment let a person feel to return to the eighties the rhythm. The lyrics are written from The heart monologue of a character who does not know how to express his feelings, continuing The unrestrained and unrestrained image of The Babysitter. Face the conflict on the emotion, even if oneself again injustice helpless, be misinterpreted wrong, also no longer beg to express oneself with explanation, turn round to walk.

Koala Liu said that people are eager to find a soul that is exactly the same with them and have a tacit understanding with each other. Without words, people can understand each other with a nod and a smile. But for Min Yu, who never knew how to express himself accurately, it became a luxury. And the song is about portraying people who don't express themselves but want to be understood.

The 2018 seed music has a series of new songs planned for release, and the number of film and TV series theme songs has been continuously invited. In less than a year, it has even released more than one full-length album. It guarantees both quality and quantity and makes fans exclaim the title of "model worker".

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To coincide with the launch of the song, sihan also invited actors Haoyu Chen , Sun The three friends who worked together on the creative short video shoot were full of jokes, and both the director and the staff were left to grin from ear to ear. Creative short video will be available in six episodes at the end of October.

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