Lao liang's comment on chow yun-fat's naked donation of 5.6 billion, only four words broken the reason for the donation, net user: can't refute

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The old beam evaluationChow Yun - fatNaked donation 5.6 billion, only four words broken the reason for the donation, netizen: can not refute

Born in a rural family, Chow yun-fat has been helping her mother with odd jobs since she was a child. However, the experience at the bottom of society enriched Chow yun-fat's life experience, and also benefited his later acting career. Chow yun-fat, 19, graduated from TVB artistes' training class. After a short period of acting, Chow yun-fat was cast in "Kiddy" and "north and South Korea" at the age of 20. You must remember xu wenqiang's tall and handsome appearance in LayOut, wearing a windbreaker, which is very popular with the audience. His excellent acting also earned him the title of "god of acting" in Hong Kong, and he is now a national first-class actor.

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Chow yun-fat was also regarded as the idol of male gods in the 1970s and 1980s, and the film and television works were deeply rooted in people's hearts, but the influence still remains. Besides her successful career, Chow yun-fat has also gained a happy family. Although he has also had a failed marriage to Candice Yu, he and his current wife, Jasmine Tan, have been married for more than 30 years since 1987. It is said that Jasmine Tan, who was also pregnant, had a miscarriage and could no longer have children.

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Speaking of hair brother, I guess everyone will give a thumbs up. He is one of the most unassuming superstars, often taking the subway, taking pictures with fans, and doing everything he wants. Another, more unexpected, revelation was that Mr. Fagal was about to give away 99 percent of his assets, about 5.6 billion yuan. As soon as this news came out, many netizens felt it was speculation. In fact, he had a track record of doing so, and was childless and not a spendthrift. Chow yun-fat also responded to the "naked donation" on the show about a day in luyu: "that money wasn't ours either." Hair brother free and easy, free attitude towards life, really let people admire. Let's listen to what old liang said.

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All the time, with his quick tongue and unique opinions, old liang made his recorded programs popular and praised by a wide audience. Well, in an episode of "old liang tells a story," he commented on the fact that Chow yun-fat donated 5.6 billion to the charity. He only spelled out the reason for his donation in four words: "be a hero", speaking frankly that Chow yun-fat is a person with great heart and kindness. To this netizen expresses in succession: cannot refute.

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In fact, Chow yun-fat isn't the first celebrity to donate naked. Bill Gates, the world's richest man, also chose to donate naked, leaving his children with a bit of money. Because he felt that people were greedy, and when he got too much money his children became less eager to struggle and more a glutton for pleasure. This is very bad for their growth. If you have so much money, will you donate naked?

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