August milk was detained. User: Still not weaned?

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August milk was deducted. Netizen: Still not weaned? August has been loved by many people since I debuted in idol practice. Today, when news broke out in August Hangzhou, Seoul, wearing a black short shirt, cool black sparkling Kun Kun, superior long legs, sexy The clavicle... But! The milk was detained, so that netizens couldn’t help but say: Some people are still not secluded. It’s really a dumbfounding.


I really didn't think that he was cool and handsome on the stage. In private, he turned out to be a child drinking Wangzi's milk. Hahaha, forgive me for not being kind.

It should be said that August is still a long time, so it is necessary to drink more milk. The ikuns say: You can't laugh, we Kun Kun don't face! To be honest, August is really hot, almost every day on Weibo. Hot search, when the nine percent meet, August's action, a new hairstyle, or a new style, will be a hot search, if there is no meeting, it will be the hot search of the airport shape.



I don’t know what netizens see Kun Kun’s Xiaowangzi’s feelings? “I don’t know who this is.” “Kun Kun really eats cute and grows up.” “This is good, the world knows that Kun Kun did not know.” Weaning "" hold up" "Kun Kun heart OS: I don't want to face" "What are you doing! Kun Kun do not face?" "You can learn more about Kun Kun's endorsement of the taste of milk":: Haha Hahahaha, some people seem to be secretly drinking a lot of milk in the back of the ground. "Some people are handsome and cold, but they hide milk in their pockets." "Our little milk Kun invites you to drink flavor." There is actually no weaning in the glaze.



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