Ning jing, cross-boundary king of songs' finals dedicated professional performance jian li na ying flowery praise

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Over two months, the crossover hit its final on Saturday night. while Ning Jing Since taking part in the competition, I have been passing through all difficulties and advancing into the battle of the king of songs by virtue of my professional singing ability. In the final contest, all the participating stars made great efforts to bring in professional singers to help them, and the singing group ofNing Jingwas even more fierce. The art troupe of dong folk songs, composed of 51 old townsfolk of dong nationality, became the most eye-catching scene. In addition,Ning Jingalso invited famous musician liu zhou to customize a classic folk song with a history of 200 years, "hao hua hong". Classic songs with excellent team, let the live audience amazed.

Ning Jing《跨界歌王》总决赛奉献专业级表演Jian LiNa Ying,花式夸奖

This is the day of the finals. Ning Jing's super large scale singing group is the strongest in history! Together with 51 dong singers, they sing "good flower red", which has a strong sense of harmony. It is quite shocking. For this reason,Ning Jingalso wears a long dress with Chinese style and black trailing tail, which is decorated with embroidery and silver ornaments with national characteristics. And after the show is over Jian Li , Na Ying, In the end, they even left the pelvis intact, which made the audience laugh.Ning Jingwas also praised to the red face and showed the lovely side of the little girl.

Ning Jing《跨界歌王》总决赛奉献专业级表演Jian LiNa Ying,花式夸奖

The crossover hits its third season finale on August 4, withNing Jingexpected to perform even better. What kind of performance will be on the stage of the final? Can she win the title of king of songs? Let's wait and see!

Ning Jing《跨界歌王》总决赛奉献专业级表演Jian LiNa Ying,花式夸奖

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