Famous singer of “Smiley Face” Xie Dongshen married 500 stars in Beijing

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Some of Xie Dongshen 's songs are classics of our time, memories of the past! The years have passed... Nowadays, Xie Dongshen, a well-known entertainer who has a reputation for career, has also ushered in a complete emotional well-being.

With a “smiling face”, Xie Dongshen, the famous singer of North-South singing on the Red Street, held a grand marriage on the 18th at the Beijing Four-Generation Hall. The atmosphere was hot: Li Jindou , Zhang Hang, Yang Chengang , Lao Lang , and Siwei Liu , Liu Zun, Guo Chen Dong , Tong Wang , Hao Sun , Wang Yuebo , Yang Shaohua Yang Yi and his son, Hou Yaohua , Zhang Yue of the Avenue of Stars, People also ask , Musician Tutu, Sima Nan , Famous director Dai Wensheng , etc. The entertainers and friends of the star artists attended the ceremony . The singers, actors, directors, and celebrities who sent the congratulatory video on that day were: Zang Tianshuo , Gao Xiaosong , Zhu Huan, Guan Hu , Zheng Jun , Pretty Li Hui Zhen , Hussein, Ming Jin. , Tony Tang , Luo Qi , Yin Xiangjie , Gexuan Huang , Hao Sun, Li Chen , Zhang Xing, Gao Lin students , Yellow Crane Tower Xiang, Tian Liang , Dai Wensheng , Kainan Bai , Hui Liu , Wei Liu , Xiaopan Gao , Quanli Liu , Quanhe Liu , Li Wei Jian , Wu the Bin , Wang Tong, Chi Zhiqiang , Hanbai Chen , Qiujian Liang Wei Rui, Tieying, Dengze Qi, Deng Lejun, Lily Na, Kim Hagbong , Xiao Han , Yang Chengang, Siwei Liu, Liu Zun, Xie Jun, Lianhai Ji , Sima Nan, walnut cousin, Ge Tian , Shaohua Yang, Yang Yi, Lao Lang, Song Jun, Murong Xiaoxiao, Hou Yaohua and hundreds more. In addition, there are literary writer and media person Xu Gaodong and other cultural people who have sent wonderful wishes to singer Xie Dongshen through the Internet....

Xie Dongshen, famous singer and actor. In 1982, Xie Dongshen entered the CCTV and participated in the shooting of dozens of large-scale party television dramas. In 1993, he sang the song “Smiley Face” to sing the Great North River North-South. In 1994, he produced and published his first solo album, “Smiley All the Way Waiting”. In 1995, the CCTV viewers voted “My favorite Spring Festival Gala” Xie Dongshen won the first prize of song and dance... In 2010, I signed Beijing King Wing Lung Record Company. In the same year, I starred in the revolutionary war drama “ Broken Throne Crossbow” directed by Xiaoguang Sun as Sa Jiada . Master. In November 2012, he participated in many movies and television dramas such as the "Chinese Kid" movie in Putian, Fujian Province.

As a famous social activist of Xie Dongshen's good buddies, Dai Wensheng, the director of "Chinese Spring Festival Evening," led all members of the organizing committee to congratulate the good brother Xie Dongshen on their happy wedding. He hoped that their husband and wife would be happy and happy forever!

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