Five sisters' reveals' story' special director 'so 3 years old' to be non-realistic

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Star connection message: Angie Chai 'I'm doomed to be single with five sisters', a dating comedy directed by su wensheng. It will be shown to a national audience on September 7 Kent Tsai With the young actress xiaolao jie, as the leading actor and actress, Taiwan diva Jeannie Hsieh, Pitch in and by Marcus Chang , Eugenie Liu, , Moxi Zhang , gao junya, zhang yao, zhu xuan Yang and other co-starring. In the film's "story" feature, the actor was "beaten by a lion" and "dismembered by a crocodile". ! "It's a timeless script," admits Jeannie Hsieh. From the creator's point of view, we further know the characteristics of the film: hyperspace and nonsensical parallel.

Off-line into the most normal daily production director will be "non-realistic" to the end

In the "story" special, which is exposed in the film, the director and the actors are shown to be out of touch. Due to the comedy nature of the film, everyone is very disrespectful in private. Zhu xuan Yang, an actor who plays li guolong's best friend in the film, said with a smirk as he mentioned the director: "this director just makes us so happy." "What attracts me most is that it's not realistic," the director said of the reasons for making the film. In the daily life of the crew, the director is also bound to carry out "non-realistic" : zhang yao threw a toy snake to scare her screaming, and made fun of each other on the set with the actor of the post-1995 generation, and so on. The director suwen saint called "susanmao (author)", and now he is called "su3 years old". Even li guolong, who was bullied to death by five sisters in the film, even joined the fourth sister to bully the fifth sister out of the camera, and cheated the fifth sister to speak the Taiwanese dialect that she did not understand, which triggered the laughter of all the crew members, leaving only the fifth sister to be mad at the place: "what exactly does that mean? !" In the special episode, the two students who are facing off suddenly begin to kiss in "gay love", and the fourth sister and fifth sister make the film shocked to the point of foaming at the mouth.

Wild dragon and sister due to "love" fighting & NBSP; The "shame level" of the sisters and brothers is wide open

Played in the film actor lee snapdragonKent Tsaialso have two sisters, "lovely" brother li snapdragon with five elder sister in the special stage nothing siblings fed drama, particularly to the center of the earth waste Chai Jie treasure snapdragon lee, in real life turnaround, ruthlessly quipped: "if my sister hello I like this, I will play 'death' her." The movie "I'm doomed to be single with five sisters" Li guolong, the hero in the movie, has five crazy sisters who control him. He is desperate for freedom and wants to change his "fate" by making girlfriends. So he rises up and fights with his sisters. The combination of five sisters with severe sadomasochism and a younger brother with no money, both freshness and shame. In the special, the director also said: "the plot of the film must have been experienced by everyone, but we will present it in the way you least expect." At the same time, we learned from the creators that they had a new experience during the filming process. Believe that a funny and two - or no-no scenario is the best way to go for a casual date.

Han is the film and television film by zhuhai investment co., LTD., Beijing jia reflected culture media co., LTD., Beijing sample of film and television production co., LTD., the stars are ruizhi international entertainment co., LTD., piece film co., LTD., hualian international audio co., LTD., full duo co., LTD., China's trust venture investment co., LTD., kashgar jia reflected culture media co., LTD., joint production, will be released in September 7, the national.

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