Tong dawei ming xi plays a love game with tong dawei ming xi

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Linkeddb News November 29& have spent by Maggie Yu Directed, Zhang Yibai The executive producer of the movie "crazy phone" will be released nationwide on December 29. Recently, the film again exposed the "see and don't see" version of the new trailer and character relationship posters. The film, which follows three couples -- two physically separated couples, a couple in hot love, and a single woman -- at a dinner party who plays a game that reveals all of their cellphone information, has sparked a heated debate over whether to show your partner your phone. Among the exposure materials, jadi ( Tong Dawei Act the role ofing) and Bai Baihe Jiao ( Ming Xi Act the role of) the relation is anacreontic gradually, although be passionately in love sweetheart, be on guard against everywhere however, reservation, poster copy "we exchanged love, cannot exchange mobile phone however" also adumbrative the relation of two people is not like common sweetheart general and simple, expect a value to soar.

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Tong Dawei Ming Xi group new CP  & have spent Hot love couple see move open move

"Mobile phone crazy ring" this exposure "see and don't see" version of the new trailer, around the mobile phone launched a new round of dangerous games. Jadi curly hair oil head, as before full of mixed prodigal breath, hard to encourage people to play mobile phone games, but do not want to be wu Xiao Jiang ( Shan Qiao "You just want to see your Bai Baihe phone." Anxious to stop it, jadie thought," Jiu Xiao "Bai Baihe jiao replied" it's impossible, my baby loves me now "in tsundere's response. The seemingly careless expression actually revealed another message: if you love me, you can't look at my mobile phone. In the trailer, jadi and Bai Baihe kiss together. Han laugh ( Li Ma Act the role of) throw out however "rogue takes off person dress to need not hand now, with mouth", also point the spearhead at jia di apparently, make a person curious.

& have spent Tong Dawei and Ming Xi's character relationship poster were also exposed together this time. They embraced in front of the camera. Bai Baihe looked sweet, like a little girl who was intoxicated with beautiful love. Poster copywriting -- we exchanged love, but could not exchange mobile phones, which also pointed out that the relationship between jadi and Bai Baihe jiao was full of problems. "Jiadidi CP" will see how to remove the move? What is the character's fate? It's worth looking forward to.

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& have spent Look or not? Tong Dawei Shan Qiao launches a debate on weibo

& have spent Leading actors Tong Dawei and Shan Qiao also discussed "whether we should show our mobile phones to our partners" on weibo. Shan Qiao posted on her weibo account on the evening of the 27th that "all men know me and my mobile phone is the last dignity of a man. Tong Dawei then forwarded a response: "daughter-in-law's mobile phone can't be seen clearly either. I have my own tricks up my hands. Brother, learn from them." The interaction reveals both wu xiaojiang's and jadi's character attitudes and the opinions of most people.

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About seeing or not seeing? Trust or spot check? Maybe there's no right answer. "If we love each other, we have to trust each other, and if we look at each other's mobile phones, we just don't love each other enough," said another user. "I love you is true, but it's also true if we don't let you look at my mobile phone." As is said in the trailer, whether to see or not is the proposition of sending tao, and whether to love or not is the question of tao. What answer will the film give? It's really exciting.

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