Lu Jiarong' is a beautiful woman with a jade sword like a rainbow. 'The red jade people are more beautiful than jade

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Lu Jiarong's "Beauty Man is Like a Jade Sword Like a Rainbow"

Large civil country legend big drama " the If Life Meets you " by the Sun Yi , Lvjia Rong, Xu Xi , Yu Bo and other competent actor starred, since the on-line play player continued to rise, heated online debate continues to achieve traffic and word of mouth double Harvest. As the story unfolds, Lu Jiarong, played by Lu Jiarong, left a deep impression on the audience. She portrayed the courageous and tender feelings of Ruan Hongyu's inner heart as a three-pointer. The red jade “beautiful person is like a jade sword!”

Qin Sang's "Sentimental Injury" Red Jade "Hong Yu"

In the play, after Qinsang and Yi Lianqi were ambushed, they even asked Qin Sang to help the Qin Sang. After Qin Sang was rescued by Yan Hongyu, the two men talked about the night. They frankly talked to each other and expressed their sincerity. Hong Ngoc Sang Qin said:. "Like your name, if Yong Nan words, called feelings hurt, and hurt for love" to hear Powell's remarks, Qin Sang silent bow, as if the hearts of many non Chennai It is difficult to eliminate the embarrassment.

From ancient times to the present, it is common for infatuated women to hurt for love and die for love. And in "If life meets you", why is it that Qin Sang is a woman trapped by love? Referring to the deep meaning of the name, she asked: "What is the meaning of that sister's name?" "The red jade" is related to "beauty," and "red jade" is the "rainy jade". It is from the poet. In Gong Zizhen's "Two for the Night", "If Zen is broken, the beauty is like a sword." The poets are longing for jade and beauty, such as the rainbow Jian Qi, and the reality has pulled people back to helplessness, alone and helpless, like a very old jade. Ruan Hongyu has been abandoned by Cheng Jia from birth, drifting earth, no place to follow, and eventually fell into the dust, but with his own wisdom in the left to become a famous strange woman.

Sun Yi Lu Jiarong’s mutual appeal

Touching the past in the depths of my heart, I squatted down my eyes, and I couldn’t hide my mind as if I could not hide my past. It seemed like a pour of water pouring down. I remembered the person who loved “oil tofu” and his eyes were full of destiny. Sigh. Yan Hongyu bluntly: Qin Sang is the second person to see her. Lu Jiarong will be superbly performing in the corner of Yan Hongyu. Although he has lingered between Lien Chan and Li Chongnian, he is still alone.

We saw ourselves in Qin Sang who had hurt for love, but bravely pushed forward. I saw in Sui Hongyu that she was living on earth, but she dared to love and dare to hate and never forget her own heart. Whether it is a “sentimental injury” or “beautiful person like a sword”, I hope to see the viewers of “If life meets you” find resonance among them and what kind of surprise Lu Jiarong will bring to us? Stay tuned!

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