Nice To Meet You'' Roadshow in Hangzhou Haiyu Zhang: Like girls like Zhou Xiaomi

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“In the journey of life, Nice To Meet You!” actor Haiyu Zhang chanted with the audience at the Hangzhou Road show on the 24th of the “ Nice To Meet You ” movie... Previously, “Nice To Meet You” was held across the country. A number of spot screenings were held and a nostalgia for youth was set off. Haiyu Zhang, one of the star performers, received much praise for his subversive performance.

The film focuses on the exciting "Meeting" in adolescence and tells the story of three love stories in the "Q4" Bauhinia repeat school. Among them, Xie Lun, a sports student played by Haiyu Zhang, and Zhou Xiaochu , an art student played by Zhou Chuchu , formed the “Clan Waves CP”, bringing an extremely wonderful love story to the audience. The two also explained to the audience at the road show scene, because in the film will experience a variety of jump, jump bridge section resembles acrobatics, but also interspersed with some romantic, comedy elements in it, so named "clutter waves CP."

Then, Haiyu Zhang revealed to the audience that when she was filming the documentary, she was asked which of the three story heroines preferred. His answer at that time was a girl like Zhou Xiaomi, both artistic and sad. Of course, he is also very appreciative of Chu’s outside of the show... In an earlier interview, Zhou Chuchu also praised his partner and said: “Hayu is a particularly good actor, and everyone has always taken good care of it. I..." The two actors praised each other undisguisedly, so that the Hangzhou audience was fed a dog food after watching the film, and they also expressed that they would need to stand in a team to “Clan Wave”.

As Haiyu Zhang's film debut, " Native To Meet You" is also the first time that director Gu Changwei tries a nostalgic comedy of youth. In addition to a group of young actors such as Hongming Luo , Lyrics , Haiyu Zhang, Zhou Chuchu, Ming Fan and Wenli Jiang also Special appearances participated in the film. The film will be released nationwide on March 29, 2018.

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