Bund bell premiered on december 10 and became jingyan wu's “blue” friend.

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1. Jingyan Wu ornaments du xinmei. JPG

 Linkeddb News November 23& have spent "Society my wei elder sister, people ruthless way wild", Jingyan Wu With" Story of Yanxi Palace In "wei gem", the role of "wei gem" has become "hot Fried chicken" this year, and audiences are looking forward to Jingyan Wu's follow-up works. Zhejiang satellite TV's latest official announcement: "wei jie" new play! by Guan Hu As the chief director, Yang Fei As a director, Haoming Yu Jingyan, Wu, Jin Chen , Chean Chen , Niu Ben Such as the human story time drama" Bund bell "Will debut at zhejiang satellite TV's China blue theater nationwide at 19:30 on December 10.

& have spent Bund bell tells the story of several families in an old Shanghai alley. It tells the story of the changes of times and the changes of human feelings in the past ten years from the cultural revolution to the reform and opening up. It is an era drama that reflects family affection, friendship and love. Haoming Yu and Jingyan Wu played brother and sister in the show. They fell in love and did not kill each other. Du xinsheng, played by Haoming Yu, is the eldest son in his family. He is honest and prudent, and has overturned the audience's interest in Nothing gold can stay "Middle belly black." Du Ming The cognition of "propriety"; Jingyan Wu this time is more from the court embroider "wei carcanet" into the bund tailor "du xinmei", the beauty of the heart of good people, figure wave fashion circle. Is the "Du Ming gift" better? But "wei gem" has lost his confidence? The specific situation, can only wait for the broadcast.

& have spent Haoming Yu and Jingyan Wu have a good relationship with zhejiang satellite TV. Haoming Yu has appeared on zhejiang satellite TV frequently since his comeback. He participated in the first season of "the birth of an actor" and was praised for his acting skills, which made the audience accept his new actor identity through the program. Currently starring in Your time and mine "Is on air at the blue theater in China. Jingyan Wu is even more so. From the star premiere of "Story of Yanxi Palace" to Bund bell's emotional performance, from the beautiful and wonderful night of shaking sound to the autumn gala of zhejiang satellite TV in 2018, to the "UC energy goddess" joining the double 11 carnival night surprise singing, Jingyan Wu and zhejiang satellite TV have maintained a "fresh" cooperative relationship. More netizens frankly, the relationship between zhejiang satellite TV and Jingyan Wu can be compared to "blue" friends.

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Haoming Yu and Jingyan Wu, two "acting stars", cooperated for the first time. In addition, they were assisted by old dramas such as Jin Chen and Niu Ben. More exciting content, December 10 every day at 19:30 lock zhejiang satellite TV China blue theater.

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