Ning Jing, the king of crossover, surprised the whole audience with its semifinal difficult songs.

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Star relationship news: for more than two months, Beijing satellite TV's big star crossover reality show, music reality show 2018, "the king of crossover songs", welcomed the second semifinal game this week. As a climax before the final, "singers" tried their best to win seats in the finalNing JingFor the last "straight through" contestant to reach the semi-finals, this time for the audience to re-tune "dust in the fireworks", theHua ChenyuThe difficult songs are well digested, and the stage is also a style of delicate attention that continues all the time. The visual design is upgraded again, which has a strong sense of future technology.

Crossover singer semi-finalNing Jingselects a difficulty to upgrade again, a "dust in the fireworks" brings to the audience's audio-visual enjoyment, "dust in the fireworks" is one of the most classic song Hua's Chenyu, want to cover itself has a lot of courage, andNing Jingevery new breakthrough selections seem to be doing, this time the singing is not only the continuation of his heroic style, will also be songs inner sadness and psychedelic dripping wet, shock and carefree. Although the cover itself will let the audience have a preconceived notions, feel is not as good as the original classic, andNing Jingcompletely break the prejudice, interpretation of its style, ifHua Chenyusong are more lonely feeling more empty spirit,Ning Jingversion is a release from the inside out, the high solid is bold and unrestrained, more like a heart cry. & have spent

It is reported that on July 16, the final "crossover singer" red carpet show was held in Beijing TV station grand. Ning Jing, who is "brave in art", is the most powerful in this battle. Together with liu zhou and 51 dong brothers and sisters,Ning Jingis the "strongest singing group in history".

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