Ruyi's royal love in the palace

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Star connection September 4Based on the Lianzi Liu, The novel of the same name, assembled Xun Zhou , Wallace re-arrest -- , Chun - Ning Chang , Jie Dong , Zhilei Xin , Tanya A large costume TV series, including several star actors Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace "Is currently on air on tencent's video. Gao xi yue, "the most lovable concubine in history", is about to step down with the development of the plot. As a result, the lovely and pitiful concubine doesn't survive in the drama, causing many peers to lament. However, Tanya, who plays hui GUI fei gao xi yue, has become the most adorable princess among netizens due to her numerous fans.

《Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace》蠢萌贵妃高晞月

Gao xi, the "cutest" princess in history, indulges in grief in the month of his life

Looking back on the life of the "forsaken" gao xi month, it is both love and hate. Although she suffered a lot from trying to win favor and unite with others, she was hurt by the queen and could never get pregnant. However, the careless girl is still enjoying herself, becoming the "second worst villain" in Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace. On the wedding night, the bridegroom "ran the road" to the side of fu jin there, silly gao xi moon and the mammy keke sunflower seed to solve the puzzle, it is really "heart big." The emperor deliberately gave a "hui" word to gao xi month, which was really a satire on her heavenly greatness. Even the queen mother said she was too stupid, but she was glad to show off to the public. Even the big brother, a child, is aware that gao xi wants to adopt himself for the sake of impurity, and the lady's wife is also solicitous with delicacies, which is naturally ridiculed. There are also the ironic act of asking a rival, such as yi, for news, stuffing a pillow, pretending to be pregnant, being schemed and Shouting, all of which make the audience hate gao xi, the "stupid" imperial concubine.

《Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace》蠢萌贵妃高晞月

Gao xi's comments came from a post on the Internet, saying he was incapable of accepting

As for gao xi's departure, many fans have expressed their "inability to accept it", while many friends have suggested that such a silly princess is too cute. How could the scriptwriter have the heart to let her go? Another person said, "huigui fei sajiao to the emperor show MOE and with many concubines mutual hatred plot we obviously can also take another 100 episodes ah", more fans actually "emotional" imitated "yiping body", "there is no gao xi month on the first day, think of her, think of her... "Friends all rushed to tell each other loudly and loudly," please stop sending out your charm, gao xi month ". It turned out that the lower line of huigui fei made so many friends reluctant to give up, even the original fan also knelt to begLianzi Liu,to give gao xi a perfect ending, so as to make up for the pain in the hearts of fans. However, Tanya, who plays gao xi yue, is quite "observable". She not only teased herself on her micro blog that she is about to get offline, but also cheerfully forwarded the facial expressions that netizens have made for him, which can be said to be quite leather. A villain can also let so many netizens remember, with Tanya's conscientious interpretation is inseparable, and I hope that after gao xi month,Tanyacan bring us more surprises, let us wait and see!

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《Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace》蠢萌贵妃高晞月

《Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace》蠢萌贵妃高晞月

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