Zhangjike sun yang wudajing how are the athletes who are very popular these years

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ZhangJike can be said to be the representative of "sports stars". During the Rio Olympic Games,ZhangJikebroke the red circle of fans overnight with its strong technology, handsome face and unique personality, attracting a large number of "girlfriend fans". After the Rio Olympic Games, due to injuries, has become a grand slamZhangJikedid not achieve better results, but because and Jing Tian Zhang guoliang's love affair has attracted public attention again. He made a hot search recently for zhang guoliang, his coach, but it is said that the reason for this is to keep track of the "match-killing" of 100 people.

Wu Dajing

Wu dajing

This winter, the compatriots suffered by the south Korean referee "play" the grievance, a sulk suppressed in the heart no place to vent, simply angry death individual, fortunately at this time wuda jing transcendent! He broke the world record in the men's 500m short track speed skating with a time of 39s 584, and won the first gold medal for China in the winter Olympics in pyeongchang. Not long after the pyeongchang winter Olympics, wu dajing began training again. On October 11, the first leg of China cup short track speed skating elite competition will be started in changchun. Expect big jing to get stronger and stronger, and the 2022 winter Olympics at our gate will depend on him!

Sun Yang

3,Sun Yang

Sun Yang is really amazing, from the Olympic Games in London in 2012 won the men's 400 m freestyle, the men's 1500 m freestyle champion, he seems to have been in a peak, continued the incredible career, at the end of the recently in the Asian games in Jakarta, had been almost thirty years old he won the 200 m freestyle, the 800 - meter freestyle, and 400 - meter freestyle, and 1500 - meter freestyle champion, then some into his personal weibo homepage, several continuous automatic updates the title of the superlatives to tears. Wish our sharkSun Yanga few more years!

Dong Li

4,Dong Li

Dong Li was also one of the athletes who became famous during the Rio Olympics, but he didn't go to Rio himself. Thanks to his god-given height and looks, the sport of fencing, a gentleman sport with a halo, has attracted many fans. Unlike the above athletes, Dong Li's career has been mediocre, and he seems to know it.Dad, WhereAreWeGoing?"," 24Hours ", "the new dance Lin convention" and other variety shows. On August 24, 2018,Dong Liannounced his retirement and officially entered the entertainment industry, which is a good thing for him.

Ning Zetao

5,Ning Zetao

Ning Zetao is also an athlete who won on the level of appearance and belongs to the swimming team of the people's liberation army navy. He was a handsome, tall man who, along with his blood-splattering muscles and military credentials, caused a number of women to scream and received a number of commercial endorsements, but he was also controversial. Recently, after official confirmation, he will officially return to the sport for the national swimming championships in rizhao, shandong province, on oct 13, solstice 17, 2018.

Liu shiwen

Liu shiwen

Liu, who was 28-2 in 30 matches for the 100 percent club in wuhan last season, is arguably the most decorated player in the table tennis league. A few days ago, liu shiwen for the new season ping super league player delisted from the conference in Beijing, a successful ending to our table tennis fans rejoiced the fear that some time ago "auction" their no ball playing world champion liu shiwen at 5.6 million prices eventually be delisted, liu shiwen, and the table tennis fans hanging heart finally can put down. Liu has a big energy hidden in her small body. I hope that under her leadership, the new club can achieve good results!

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