My true friend' masterfully produced the realist grand play angelababy deng lunzhu yi long to create the national living dream

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Star connection aug 31TV series" My true friend "Shanghai is hot, the film exposed yesterday's shooting live. starring Angelababy Angelababy , Deng Lun , Zhu Yi Long , Di Xu As well as the surprise appearance of a number of leading actors, the actors' exquisite modeling, international indoor scenery, and the chemical effects produced by the combination of idol atmosphere and realism all reflect the good intentions of the whole crew for shooting, showing the top quality. "My true friend" focuses on social real estate, complies with the current consumption upgrade trend, grasps the pulse of The Times, and hits the social pain points. It has been widely followed by the industry since the shooting. The play is dedicated to reflecting the proposition of The Times and the aspirations of the people closely related to real estate in the form of art, aiming to prove that the film and television industry is one of the important carriers of people's livelihood and highlight its social responsibility as an industry drama.

Focusing on people's livelihood and interpreting all forms of society,AngelababyDeng LunZhu Yi Longbravely pursued his dream

TV drama "My true friend" tells the story of "rookie" real estate agents cheng really (Angelababy Angelababy) with Shao Peng orange (Deng Lun), in the process of working with the international interior designer in (Zhu Yi Long) and its parent white aunt (Di Xu) meet, buy and sell rental housing to witness all levels of the urban human sentiment changes in temperature, and to improve the Chinese residents' living environment, people's benefit society and forge ahead hand in hand in the story. Yesterday, coinciding with the production of a very important group drama, the leading actor all arrived. In order to achieve the "let every drifting in big cities people find the ideal home" dream, headed by cheng zhenzhen, 卲 her orange, in young people making a lot of effort, and difficult followed. The social problem that often mounts wave of public opinion wave in real life is met by them one by one, such as building materials formaldehyde exceeds bid, buy a house to rent a house difficult also difficult, house property business maliciously monopolizes a market to wait. This group of vigorous young people did not give up speaking out of turn, the scene is them to tackle difficulties and celebrate the initial realization of the dream scene.

For the protagonists, they have a "dream" of living and living, a picture of peace and happiness in their eyes, and a picture at their feet Zhong Ren The "road" of taoyuan has a responsibility of property owners to benefit the people, which is also the positive energy that all the creators of "My true friend" want to deliver to the public. The show is not limited to the protagonist's love and affection, each character has their own complete life story, they are like a piece of jigsaw puzzle, built into this house related, show the social form of warm story. The whole work also because Kai Tan , Li Xiaofeng , Xinyi Li , Anlian Yao , Ni Dahong Such as young and old excellent actor to join, more flesh and blood.

To closely follow the pulse of The Times to forge the fine industry play

In order to create the industry's top realist drama, "My true friend" achieves the best in professionalism and attitude. According to the producer and chief producer Jia Yi group Before the production started, the show's creators had done in-depth research. "from the bottom of the society to the elite, their real estate mentality, housing mentality, life mentality, we will analyze thoroughly," she said. Try to take the script root in the reality and surpass the reality with a rigorous attitude of creation. The plot revolves around the relationship between "house", "family" and "people", and covers social topics such as empty nesters, urban love, children education, and elite midlife crisis. It focuses on people's life, closely follows the pulse of The Times, and awakens the truth, kindness and beauty of human nature, which can be called "social encyclopedia". Meanwhile, shao jian, chairman of the love and family group, has been dedicated to the booming development of China's real estate market for years. His line "take from the people, serve the people" demonstrates his social responsibility as an entrepreneur to always focus on people's livelihood and persist in serving the people. This also reflects the right entrepreneurial values shaped by My true friend.

High-quality drama and sense of social mission go hand in hand, is one of the spiritual core that every drama is pursuing at present. TV series not only have entertainment function, but also have the responsibility of promoting social progress. "My true friend" revealed its strong plot competitiveness to the public. As a contemporary film and television work with warmth and responsibility, it also conveyed to the audience the essence of people's livelihood, "weaving a family with true feelings and keeping a happy family". In addition, through examining the hero's sincere work style and life attitude, the drama emphasizes the good qualities of the new socialist youth to make progress and innovate. At the same time, I actively respond to the call of the new era of the country's "need for a better life". The topic selection coincides with the trend of Chinese people to realize consumption upgrading, and finally realize the upgrading of people's concept and promote the comprehensive improvement of the quality of the industry drama.

It is an innovation in the history of Chinese TV dramas to blend idol feeling into realistic dramas. Produced by shaanxi language and literature investment art and television company, the TV series "My true friend" jointly produced by China vision entertainment, the vast star film and television media and the Chinese language and literature film group has gathered directors Zhang Silin , producer and chief producer Jia Yi group, scriptwriter mei yingju and other gold medalists, as well as a group of dedicated and dedicated actors, will definitely become a new benchmark for domestic industry dramas in 2019.

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